About Us

Properties Board

The Properties Board consists of six members: two Executive Board members and four women appointed by the Executive Board. The President and Vice President are elected from among those appointed women; the International Vice President of Finance from the Executive Board serves as the Properties Board Treasurer. Elections take place in January of every even year.

Corporation Services Staff Structure and Partners

The Corporation Services Department is staffed with three Corporation Relations Managers. They are directly supervised by the Director of AOII Properties and Corporation Services who serves as the Corporation President for collegiate corporations under the Corporation Services umbrella.

Corporation Relations Manager (CRM)

The CRM manages the financial assets and properties for the corporations while partnering with our Property Management Partner on capital improvements, repairs and maintenance. They build relationships with the local Corporation Relations Adviser (CorpRA) for the individual collegiate chapter to ensure the collegiate women are having an exceptional experience while residing in or visiting their AOII housing facility. The CRM works with the CorpRA to meet the needs of all corporations. The CRM serves as the Corporation Treasurer for collegiate corporations under the Corporation Services umbrella.

Property Management Partner

CSL Management, with operations in Franklin, TN, and Cleveland, TN, was selected as AOII’s property management partner on January 1, 2011. The firm’s primary role is to assist with the day to day operations of the 33 chapter facilities that currently fall under the umbrella of AOII Properties and Corporation Services. CSL Management’s scope of services available to the fraternity include, but are not limited to: site visits to assess property needs, assistance on day to day maintenance issues, capital requirement planning and project management. The ultimate goal of AOII’s partnership with CSL is to ensure our chapter facilities are well maintained, remain competitive (both in terms of amenities and cost) and provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our residents. CSL Management shares the goal of AOII Properties and Corporation Services to have all chapter facilities exceed everyone’s expectations.

Culinary Partner

Culinary Consultants is a purchasing group that assist our facilities in receiving quality food at the lowest price possible. Since many of our facilities are utilizing Culinary Consultants, it allows AOII to have purchasing/buying power. In order for AOII to find the best in the country, Culinary Consultants screens chefs and catering companies to interview and place in our chapters.