Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Chapter House at UC Berkeley to Lose Recognition from International Organization


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Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Chapter House at UC Berkeley
to Lose Recognition from International Organization

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (August 4, 2015) -- International women’s fraternity Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII) today announces its decision to no longer recognize its Sigma Chapter house as of September 3, 2015. The chapter is present at the University of California, Berkeley. This mandate is due to the chapter corporation board’s failure to comply with the international organization’s mandatory governing policies, which each member agrees to during initiation.

In June 2005, AOII’s Council voted to amend its Governing Documents and transfer the property management responsibilities of each individual AOII chapter property and corporation to AOII Properties. AOII worked diligently with each of its collegiate chapter corporations to transition management so that each local corporation would be in compliance with the organization’s Governing Documents. AOII proudly reports that 134 of 135 chapter corporations have embraced the required, coordinated management system with the lone exception of Sigma 1916 at the University of California, Berkeley.

Following more than 30 points of communication, in-person meetings and mediation, a settlement proposal and forewarnings of probable consequences, the Sigma 1916 corporation board has continued not to comply.

Effective as of September 3, 2015, the current AOII Sigma Chapter house at 2311 Prospect Street will no longer be recognized as an AOII facility. After that date, no AOII activities will be permitted at the location. In addition, Sigma 1916 will no longer have permission to use or display the name “Alpha Omicron Pi,” the Greek letters “AOII,” or any other Fraternity trademarks or insignia, and the letters on the house will have to be removed. Although it will no longer be a recognized AOII facility, members may continue to live in the house per the terms of their housing agreements with Sigma 1916, Inc.

“We understand and appreciate the rich history of Sigma 1916, the Sigma collegiate chapter house and those who dedicated countless volunteer hours,” said Gayle Fitzpatrick, International President of Alpha Omicron Pi. “However, by and through the AOII Executive Board, every corporation is obligated to uphold Council’s decision to coordinate management for the benefit of the entire fraternal organization.”

It is never the desire of AOII to take action against or break ties with any member, chapter location or local corporation board. AOII has a rich and treasured history that spans more than 117 years, and the organization looks forward to continuing the tradition with Sigma 1916 when that corporation board complies with AOII’s Governing Documents as all other chapter corporations have done to date.

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