Ambassador Programs

Overview of the Training Ambassador Program

At the onset of the 2014-15 fiscal year, Alpha Omicron Pi announced a new volunteer program, Training Ambassadors. This program speaks to the Fraternity’s goals outlined in the strategic plan to increase areas of alumnae engagement, AAC involvement and leadership training. In order to assist in the achievement of these goals, the Fraternity started the program to provide additional leadership development training to collegiate chapter leaders. While this initiative focuses primarily on the training of Alumnae Advisory Committees (AAC), a secondary purpose is the facilitation of collegiate officer workshops (i.e. The Officer Transition Workshop). The Training Ambassador Program is partially funded through a grant from the AOII Foundation.

The role of a Training Ambassador is to lead both advisers and collegians to reflect on their experiences and how they can work together to enhance chapter dynamics. The selected group of ambassadors are entrusted with delivering the Fraternity’s AAC Training curriculum and elevating the material with their own stories and experiences.

 Alumnae Advisory Committee members and collegiate chapter officers play a crucial role in the success of AOII chapters and the promise to provide an exceptional membership experience. These trainings offer a chance at practicing consensus and teamwork as well as accepting responsibility for the roles the leaders have voluntarily accepted. After receiving visits, Leaders’ Council and Alumnae Advisory Committee can expect to feel energized, empowered, and engaged.

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Overview of the Recruitment Ambassador Program

The maintenance and development of our Fraternity is entrusted to our collegiate members. Our Ritual reminds us how important it is to be thoughtful and considerate when we are choosing who is to hold membership in Alpha Omicron Pi. With this in mind, the Fraternity launched a program to provide recruitment specific training and support to our collegiate chapter members and alumnae advisers.

Recruitment Ambassadors are selected, trained, and deployed to provide recruitment training to our collegiate chapters. The purpose of the Recruitment Ambassador program is to provide education on the following topics: the Fraternity’s International Membership Selection Program (IMSP), cultivating relationships, social excellence, and values-based conversations.

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