Executive Board Election Process

Alpha Omicron Pi 2017-2019 Executive Board Election Process

The Nominating Trustees are delighted to announce the ballot of International Executive Board candidates for the 2017-2019 biennium.

Gayle Fitzpatrick, Alpha Rho

Vice President of Finance:
Susan Bonifield, Nu Beta

Vice President:
Crystal Grafton Combs, Nu Beta
Amber Countis, Pi
Grace Houston, Lambda Tau
Jennifer Meade, Omega Upsilon
Koren Phillips, Phi Chi
Natasha Sherwood, Gamma Omicron
Debbie Tam, Beta Phi
Jessie Wang-Grimm, Phi Chi

Next Steps in the Election Process, Including How You Can Be Involved:

Read Candidate Application Forms:
Candidate Application Forms are posted online. To view them, log on to Fulfilling the Promise, click "View ORL," then "Executive Board." In addition, each candidate will have information printed in the Call to Convention.

Election Advocacy:
The Executive Board Election Advocacy Policy applies to all AOII members. A statement agreeing to abide by the Policy has been signed by each Executive Board candidate. The Policy is now posted in the same area in Fulfilling the Promise as the Candidate Application Forms. The Policy is effective immediately and applies through the Executive Board election during the 2017 International Convention.

Candidate Forum:

Responses to Round 2 Questions are now posted in Fulfilling the Promise in the ORL/Convention Category. 

Who are members of Council?

The International Council (“Council”), the legislative body of Alpha Omicron Pi, consists of all Past International Presidents, Executive Board, National Panhellenic Conference Delegation, members of the AOII Foundation Board of Directors, members of the Alpha Omicron Pi Properties, Inc. Board of Directors, the Chairmen of the Standing Committees, Network Directors, Network Specialists, Presidents of Collegiate Chapters, Collegiate Chapter Advisers, and Presidents of Alumnae Chapters, as long as they are members of the Fraternity in good standing.

Executive Board Election at Convention:

The Executive Board election will be held at our International Convention in Washington, DC in June 2017 in the order of President, Vice President of Finance, and Vice President. The Rules Governing Convention, which will be printed in the Call to Convention for Council’s adoption, state that the ballot will be finalized prior to convention, and there will be no changes to the ballot except in the case of an incomplete ballot or as provided in the rules for a defeated candidate.

Please contact the Nominating Trustees with any questions at nt@alphaomicronpi.org.


October 15, 2016
Candidate Application Form is posted online. (form revised 10/26 to delete "AOII Experience" field on page 2)

December 1, 2016
Candidate Application Forms are due to NTs.(form revised 10/26 to delete "AOII Experience" field on page 2)

December 15, 2016
Those eligible to continue in the election process are notified, and candidate names made public to AOII Membership.

January 2017
Feedback and Candidate Reference Checks:
AOII members in good standing may submit constructive feedback on the candidates by sending an email to the Nominating Trustees (nt@alphaomicronpi.org).

February 2017
Candidate Interviews

March 2017
Ballot Announced & Candidate Resumes & Bios Published in The Call to Convention

April / May 2017
Online Candidate Forum with Q&A posted in Fulfilling the Promise

June 2017
Meet the Candidates at AOII Convention in Washington, DC

June 2017
XB Elections during Business Session at AOII Convention

The NTs reserve the right to adjust the timeline as needed and will communicate any changes in a timely manner. Please contact the NTs at nt@alphaomicronpi.org with any questions or comments. We are here to assist you at any time.


The 2016-2018 Nominating Trustees:

Linda Peters Collier (Chi Omicron), Past International President

Ginger Banks (Pi Kappa), Rituals, Traditions, and Jewelry Committee

Nicole Hoefle Cronenwett (Delta Theta), Toledo Area Alumnae Chapter President

Vicki VanValkenburgh (Tau Delta), Tau Delta Chapter Adviser

Anna Guerra (Lambda Tau), Member-at-Large and Chairperson