Our Founders


Stella George Stern Perry


Stella was well-known for her literary talents. She was the first president of Alpha Chapter, the first National President of AOII and was elected Historian of AOII for life. Most of the information we have about the early history of the fraternity is due to Stella’s writings. Artistic, dramatic and idealistic, she gave AOII’s Ritual simplicity and tolerance. Her work was well done, as AOII’s Ritual is unchanged since 1897.


Helen St. Clair Mullan


A true scholar with a keen mind, Helen was destined to become a great lawyer. She was the organizational genius of the group and gave AOII its Constitution and Bylaws. As AOII’s third National President, she installed many early chapters and promoted expansion. As the mother of two daughters, she was also prominent in New York education, serving on the Board of Education and as a Trustee of Barnard College. She was also a gifted musician.


Elizabeth Heywood Wyman

Bess, as she was usually called, was outstanding in education, social welfare and as a writer. Bess was the 13th National President of AOII. Prior to that she spent five years as AOII’s first Registrar and established the Central Office. She was always helping others. Her quiet confident manner came from an inner strength. She gave AOII sympathetic understanding, kindness, gentleness and conscientious leadership


Jessie Wallace Hughan


Jessie distinguished herself as a teacher and writer. She was a gallant crusader for any cause she felt was just. She was a true philanthropist and a dynamic leader. Jessie gave AOII depth and sincerity.