AOII is very excited to launch a new alumnae engagement initiative called FOUR! Four young women founded AOII for friendship. It is fitting that FOUR is AOII’s initiative to increase engagement opportunities for alumnae. FOUR is for AOII and FOUR is for you.

FOUR offers four ways for alumnae to stay connected. One of the greatest aspects about FOUR, is that it allows alumnae to give back in a way that best suits their lifestyle; whether it’s through time, talents, or treasures, each alumna member gets to be the decision-maker.

Through FOUR, you have an opportunity to connect with your sisters through the following ways:

Join the new International Alumnae Association!
The International Alumnae Association is similar to your alma mater’s alumni association. Wherever life has taken you and whatever your circumstances, your membership allows you to stay connected through Fraternity updates, To Dragma, and an annual stewardship report for an annual fee of $35.

Support a collegiate chapter of your choice through
tax deductible contributions through the Fraternity’s Foundation!

You can now give a tax-deductible gift to the AOII Foundation to support the educational needs of a chapter of your choice—your chapter of initiation, a chapter you are advising or a chapter that is close to your heart. The AOII Foundation will set up a special fund for the chapter so that your gift, along with others, may, for example, be used to send an officer to a leadership event or to enhance the chapters’ study space.

Apply for a local or international volunteer opportunity!
Volunteering within AOII has many different faces. Whether you’re volunteering as an advisor for a nearby AOII collegiate chapter, serving as a local alumnae chapter officer, or hold a position within the international realm of AOII, there really is a place for everyone. We encourage you to submit your application and let us know where you would love to volunteer.

We invite you to view our interactive presentation to learn more about FOUR. Please click here.

For additional information, please contact AOII HQ, 615-370-0920.