Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy 2017

February 3rd - 5th
Brentwood, Tennessee

Friday night’s programming highlights included getting to know NPC, learning how each chapter is part of NPC, and how working together with our Panhellenic sisters on our campuses will advance the sorority experience for all NPC groups. Our guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Mari Ann Callais. Her message focused on having the courage to be a change agent on your campus, how leaders can be supportive of others who need encouragement, and how living AOII values everyday will make a difference to your chapter and Panhellenic community. She ended her session with her trademark guitar playing! It was a great way to start the weekend.

Saturday morning started with the Chapter Advisers traveling to AOII Headquarters for their morning sessions, and the Chapter Presidents and Panhellenic Delegates staying at the Marriott. Switching places in the afternoon, the Chapter Advisers returned to the hotel for their afternoon sessions, and the Chapter Presidents and Panhellenic Delegates traveling to AOII Headquarters for their sessions. This gave each group the opportunity to visit Headquarters and do some Emporium shopping! Each group had a full agenda for the day! Some of the sessions for both groups included topics on working with your NPC Delegate, understanding NPC rules and regulations, creating friendships across badges, and sharing a spirit of fraternity and love to advance the Panhellenic experience. I had the opportunity to assist in facilitating a session for the Chapter Presidents and Panhellenic Delegates at AOII. After a pizza dinner we all gathered back at the Marriott to hear from our NPC delegation, and our NPC friends on their NPC stories and the many friends they have made across badges through their NPC work.

Sunday morning’s session focused on how our AOII leaders can make a difference with their chapter and on their campus. Carole shared her vision for NPC and AOII when she becomes the NPC Chairman in October. It is a team effort, and we will ALL play a part in moving the sorority experience forward. Before we wrapped up Leadership Academy 2017 we had an update on all of the great things to anticipate at Convention 2017 in Washington, D.C. in June!

It was a jammed packed AOII weekend full of education, collaboration and networking. With Carole poised to become the NPC Chairman this October, this is a great time for AOII to be front and center in our Panhellenic communities. I look forward to hearing how our AOII leaders will embrace this opportunity to be an active leader in their Panhellenic Community and showcase AOII’s commitment to advancing the sorority experience.