Ruby Fund
One of AOII's founders, Stella George Stern Perry said these powerful words regarding the creation of Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity, "Above all, we wanted a high and active special purpose to justify existence and a simple devotion to some worthy end." The Ruby Fund's purpose is just that – devotion to a worthy cause; and its first recipient fittingly was Stella.  

The Foundation awards Ruby Fund grants to AOII members (senior collegiate or alumnae members) who are in dire need of financial assistance. Assistance has been awarded for members suffering from illnesses, homes destructed by natural disasters, loss of job and other forms of dire need. 

Since 1946, the Ruby Fund has assisted over 300 sisters in dire need. Since 2013, over $150,000 has been awarded.  It is no surprise that sisters all across the United States and Canada refer to the Ruby Fund as the "heart" of AOII.
The Foundation will continue working hard to support sisters in need. All requests and awards remain confidential and are handled by the Foundation's Ruby Fund Committee. Assistance in the form of a grant is given to designated recipients. Senior collegians may be considered for Ruby Fund assistance although alumnae are given first priority.  Please note the Ruby Fund does not provide assistance for AOII Fraternity dues (chapter or international), social fees or chapter housing obligations.

If you or a fellow sister is in dire need of assistance due to an unforeseen circumstance or illness, please contact Sydney Talley at  to determine eligibility and receive an application. 


The Ruby Fund message (2016-2017) is now available!  Please click here for the latest Ruby Fund message.