Salute to Sisterhood Scholarship

“When I saw the opportunity to support a Salute to Sisterhood Scholarship, my first response was ‘Hooah!’ This scholarship was a way for me to tie together two of the most meaningful experiences that helped shape who I am today, and it gives me a way to be part of that experience for other women. While from the outside the military and a fraternity may appear to be very different, but they are not. They both promote leadership, loyalty, selfless service and give an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. I am thankful for the experiences both the Army and AOII gave me and I am excited to see a scholarship that will help other women have that opportunity.”

– Shannon Rivera, Salute to Sisterhood Donor (Kappa Sigma, University of Wisconsin, River Falls)

Support a dynamic, military-affiliated woman by donating to the Salute to Sisterhood Scholarship

  • The scholarship will be awarded annually to a sister in good standing.
  • Sisters who classify as an active-duty U.S. military member, veteran, or military dependent (classified as a spouse or child of an active-duty, retired, or honorably discharged veteran, living or deceased) are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Consider giving today!

“The Salute to Sisterhood Scholarship tugged at another heartstring because I’m an Army veteran—and have so many dear AOII friends who have served, or still are serving, our country.”

– Julie O’Brien, Salute to Sisterhood Donor (Lambda Tau, University of Louisiana at Monroe)

“AOII has been instrumental in making me the woman I am today. The level of confidence and leadership I attained from AOII in college helped me excel as a military spouse. Creating the Salute to Sisterhood was a must! I wanted to have a scholarship that would give back to an organization that has impacted me and also thank a military-affiliated sister who has served our country.”

– Jessica Bertsch, Salute to Sisterhood Creator (Kappa Alpha, Indiana State University)

“I donated as I have many family members and friends/sisters who have served or are currently serving in the military. It’s very important to me to help support and honor them any way I can.”

– Jennifer Kocik, Salute to Sisterhood Donor (Rho Beta, Virginia Commonwealth University)