The AOII Brand

Stella, Jessie, Helen and Bess founded Alpha Omicron Pi in an effort to develop lifelong friendships while enhancing one another’s lives through scholarship and service.

The simplicity of their message has crossed generations, and now as the image of Alpha Omicron Pi continues to evolve through campus growth across the United States and Canada, a bold brand identity will help communicate the Fraternity’s purpose and create an image that sisters will embrace. The brand identity will aim to tell the story of Alpha Omicron Pi and shape the perception of who an Alpha Omicron Pi member is and who she will be in the future.

The Primary Brand

Alpha Omicron Pi Brand Logo

Primary Greek Letters

Alpha Omicron Pi Greek Letters Logo

Brand Standards

Identity guidelines have been established as a foundation for building brand recognition for Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity. Extensive research and planning have gone into shaping the voice and visuals that form the brand personality of Alpha Omicron Pi. As a primary reference tool, this guide will help individuals both inside and outside Alpha Omicron Pi work together to deliver cohesive, consistently designed messages about the Fraternity. These guidelines will help ensure communications are effective, attractive and fully represent the brand of the organization.

Color Palettes


  • As the Founders determined Cardinal Red (PMS 200C) as the color for Alpha Omicron Pi, it will always remain a part of the primary palette.
  • Ambitious Pink (PMS 191C) represents the ambitious women of the organization and all we have accomplished.
  • Confident Coral (PMS 7416C) reminds us to live boldly and confidently bearing in mind those that came before us, and those that will come after.
  • Promising Purple (PMS 683C) represents the creativity of the Founders and their desire to create something for the greater good.


  • Arthritis Blue (PMS 307C) is a nod to the international awareness ribbon color representing arthritis.
  • Barnard Blue (PMS 2169C) is a nod to our founding location at Barnard College.
  • Graduate Gray (PMS Cool Gray 11C) and Humble Gray (PMS Cool Gray 1C) represent the lifelong commitment of AOII and our humble beginnings in the Old Columbia Library.