Experience AOII

As the Coronavirus/COVID-19 is impacting our world, chapters, and members, we know this is a difficult time to be a college-aged student. We encourage you to spend some time reviewing the following resources as AOII navigates this time with you.

Sisterhood Now

Alpha Omicron Pi’s greatest strength is our members. They are unique as individuals, yet bound together by the common bond of friendship. Through these ties, AOII encourages each member to recognize what is unique in each of us, to further develop our individual talents and to be proud of our differences.

There’s so much uncertainty during this time and we know you have concerns about what your fall semester is going to look like. What if we told you that you didn’t have to do it alone? What if there was a group of women waiting for you. To share perspectives, to share values, to welcome you with open arms. As represented by one of our symbols, the sheaf of wheat, we are made stronger by coming together as one.

When you say yes to AOII, you say yes to a home away from home, yes to lifelong friendships, yes to endless opportunities. When you say yes to sisterhood, you get all of this and so much more.

Sisterhood is celebrating each other’s differences while creating close connections based on shared values. Sisterhood is accepting each other for who they are and supporting them no matter what. Joining a sisterhood gives you the opportunity to become a more well-rounded woman from building connections with other women who have walked a different path of life than you.

AOII is Sisterhood Now


From the moment members join AOII, they learn that sisterhood lasts for a lifetime. No matter if a member is enjoying her collegiate years or moving away from the comfort zone of her college campus to take a job in a new city, she is surrounded by a group of sisters and friends. It is comforting to know that there is an AOII chapter, whether collegiate or alumnae, offering friendship and fun in communities across the United States and Canada.


Each AOII chapter offers monthly educational programming for its members. These educational programs inspire leadership skills and personal development, increasing the self-confidence of our members and a stronger bond of sisterhood. Annually, AOII hosts leadership events at which our members can gather, network, and learn more about themselves and Alpha Omicron Pi.


There are unlimited ways to be involved in AOII and we offer opportunities that fit every personal interest. Whether our members serve on chapter committees or in AOII officer positions, or hold leadership positions on their campuses, AOII values leadership and the contributions our members make to their communities. AOII members are tasked with using their talents to bring positivity into the world around them.


One of the founding principles of AOII is to be of service to others. Our sisterhood is a gift to be shared, and our chapters and members choose to organize and participate in fundraising and hands-on service events. These service events benefit not only the individual communities and causes that our chapters hold dear to their hearts, but also our international philanthropy, arthritis, as well as our partnership with the Arthritis Foundation.