For Parents & Family Members

Whether your daughter has recently become a member of Alpha Omicron Pi or you are just wanting to learn more about our organization, in AOII she will find lifelong friends, support to excel in her studies, opportunities for leadership development and community service. Throughout her collegiate membership, we hope that she will make some of the most incredible memories of her life!

To learn more about what your daughter will experience as member of Alpha Omicron Pi, please read the information below and explore our website.


Each chapter of AOII has different fees and dues specific to their campus. These can vary depending on what is considered a campus norm (Homecoming, Greek Week, Panhellenic Dues, philanthropy events on campus, etc.) and if housing is offered or provided. We encourage you to speak with your daughter about fees associated with her membership, the local chapter can provide this information to her directly.

Billhighway is the financial software that Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity utilizes to assess and collect dues and fees. Each member creates a Billhighway account online, and it is through this account that she will pay all dues and fees owed to both the chapter and Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity. Members can access the Billhighway site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Bills are typically sent out once per month, and members are notified of the upcoming payment via email.

Membership Responsibilities

We believe that each chapter has the ability to cultivate their own obligations of membership, as long as those requirements are in line with the values established by Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity. Every member has a voice in the creation of the chapter’s obligations of membership through the annual review of the chapter’s bylaws and policies. In order to develop great leaders and promote a strong sense of sisterhood, members hold each other accountable to uphold the obligations of membership.

AOII values the involvement of friends and family in the lives of our members. However, on matters of membership status, membership integrity or discipline issues, certain financial issues, and housing contracts, we may only provide details to the collegian in order to maintain a member’s right to privacy. Our discipline process, referred to as membership integrity, is confidential and requires direct contact with the Alpha Omicron Pi member. Sometimes our members choose not to share all information with their parents and family members, and we respect their choice and their privacy.


Ensuring the safety of our members is always a top priority for AOII. A tradition that you will not find in AOII is hazing, as we have absolutely no tolerance for hazing. In order to promote the safety of all members, AOII routinely educates collegiate members and advisers about the alcohol and anti-hazing policies.

We know that there are many overall health concerns for college students and we encourage our chapters to focus on the total health of members, which includes mental and physical health. Additionally, we know that sexual assault and other safety concerns exist on college campuses. AOII provides support to your daughter and helps chapter members connect to licensed professionals and other resources available on her campus.

Academic Development

Members of Alpha Omicron Pi are first and foremost college students, and we are committed to helping our members achieve academic success. Each chapter implements a variety of programs and tools designed to provide support to all members as they strive to excel in their academic program(s).

Ways to Support Your Daughter

AOII parents and family members provide enormous help to collegiate chapters, for which we are very grateful! You may find that you enjoy working with your daughter’s chapter and remaining active in her life at college. As your daughter goes through the new member program, here are some topics that you can bring up to start a conversation about her experience:

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