Recommend a Sister

As of Convention 2023, our council voted to update our “Potential New Member Introduction form” to allow AOII members AND non-members to submit a form for Potential New Members who embody our values. Introduction forms have replaced our previous form—also known as a “MIF.”

How can you make an impact during formal recruitment? Members and non-members are invited to recommend a potential new member or introduce a legacy through our Potential New Member Introduction Form. A Potential New Member Introduction Form (PNMIF) is an easy-to-use, electronic form that allows introductions of potential new members to collegiate chapters prior to formal recruitment. Do you want to share the outstanding achievements, leadership skills, or positive personality traits of a potential new member? This is how! Members and non-members are encouraged to submit an Introduction Form for Potential New Members who embody our values. The information provided in an Introduction Form can help enhance the consideration that potential new members receive for membership. Are you a collegiate member and want to recommend a PNM to another chapter? Go right ahead! Collegiate members are more than welcome to submit an Introduction Form for AOII chapters other than their own.

If you have a question that is not answered below, please email our staff who oversees this process.


Why did AOII choose to eliminate the MIF?

Membership Information Forms (MIFs) have not been a requirement of membership in Alpha Omicron Pi for several years however they have only been able to be submitted by active collegiate and alumnae members of Alpha Omicron Pi. Opening the eligibility allows for potential new members who may not know an AOII to feel included in securing an introduction, which they feel they need. The introduction of a Potential New Member (PNM) to Alpha Omicron Pi should be submitted by anyone who can speak to the character of a PNM.  The Potential New Member Introduction form would still not be a requirement for membership. 

I have already submitted a previously known as “MIF” for the upcoming year; do I need to submit the new form?

No, all forms submitted prior to July 19, 2023, for Fall 2023 recruitment are valid. Chapter officers will have access to all the information.

Does this create more work for chapters because there will be more forms to review?

The total number of forms may be greater, yes. However, the volume of information will be less. There will be a limited chance for duplicate information to be submitted and the information shared is truly valuable to the chapter.

When should I submit an Introduction Form?

Recruitment dates vary for each of our collegiate chapters. PNMIFs should be submitted prior to the start of formal recruitment to give chapter members the opportunity to learn about each potential new member. Please visit the University’s Panhellenic page to find recruitment dates. You may also find this information by visiting chapter websites.

What if a potential new member has given me hard copies of her materials?

We encourage those who are able to submit online as the preferred method. The Introduction Form is routed to our collegiate chapters in order for them to house everything in one place.

If the online submission is not possible you may also choose to send the form via regular mail. Simply download and print the form, and mail it to the recruitment team at the chapter of the school where the PNM is attending. DOWNLOAD HERE.

What attachments do I need to include in the form?

When a potential new member registers for recruitment with Panhellenic, they likely submit a photo, resume, and other supporting documentation. This means our chapters are getting duplicate information and we’re hoping to reduce that. Therefore you will not need to include any attachments in your submission. 

Can I submit a Introduction Form for someone I don’t know?

YES! Our collegiate chapters welcome any information you can offer. There is an appropriate place on the form to indicate whether you personally know the PNM, know her based on a reliable source or are just providing information.

How will I know that my submission was received?

Once your PNMIF has been successfully submitted, a message will appear on the screen that states ‘Success! Thank you for your submission.’ All information will be directed to the selected collegiate chapter.

Does my recommendation guarantee an invitation for membership?

Your recommendation is always valued and appreciated! Membership selection is ultimately the privilege and responsibility of each collegiate chapter. A PNMIF submission or legacy status does not guarantee an invitation to membership. Do you want to view Alpha Omicron Pi’s legacy policy?

Who can I contact if I do not know an AOII but would like to request a PNMIF be submitted on my behalf?

This process no longer requires strictly AOII alumnae and collegians to introduce a potential new member. Members and non-members are encouraged to submit a Potential New Member Introduction Form for Potential New Members who embody our values. If you wish to connect with an AOII you can Access our Alumnae Chapter Locator to find an Alumnae Chapter near you. You can also email our staff that oversees this process and they can connect you with alumnae in the area.