Archives Museum

From left: Allison Allgier, AOII International Historian and Archives Campaign Chair; Mariellen Sasseen, AOII Director of Strategic Partnerships and Archivist; Kaya Miller, AOII Fraternity Executive Director; and Ashley Byrd, AOII Foundation Executive Director at the Archives Museum Grand Opening event.

In honor of AOII’s 125th anniversary, the Fraternity, in collaboration with the AOII Foundation, is pleased to announce the opening of the Archives Museum located within our International Headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee.

When you walk through the doors, you will instantly know you have entered a space dedicated to AOII and our Legacy of Sisterhood.

Explore the different areas of our Archives Museum:

Alpha O Studio

Our Grand Foyer now prominently features AOII branding above the fireplace and our Alpha O Studio. Opportunities are available in the new Alpha O Studio for members to record sisterhood moments in our Story Port, and this new space also includes a listening studio to hear or watch clips of from the Fraternity Archives.

Trunk Room

The room behind the central fireplace, now called The Trunk Room, has been completely transformed. Anchoring the middle of the room is a display showcasing Stella’s Trunk, one of the museum’s most prized possessions that dates back to 1914 when Stella became Grand Historian and travelled with the trunk on all of her AOII journeys. Surrounding the trunk are four pillars, each a salute to one of our Founders. In addition to their personal artifacts, each Founder’s display includes a listening station featuring audio recordings giving insights into each woman’s life. Flanking the outside walls of this room are exhibits highlighting the history of AOII’s beautiful jewelry, AOII Headquarters, and To Dragma.

Dress Room

Stepping to the other side of the back entrance, our new Dress Room showcases and preserves our beloved Past International President Dresses, salutes college loyalty by honoring our collegiate universities, features an interactive Chapter Locator and Timeline, focuses on philanthropy and service, and draws your attention to the work of the AOII Foundation. In the center of this parlor are listening stations on topics such as the Songs We Sing, Symbols and Brand, Stella’s Reflections, Meeting Our Challenges, and Women’s Suffrage.


Ambition Hallway

Heading towards the Executive Director’s office, the Ambition Hallway features numerous award winning sisters via videos and displays.

Gayle Fitzpatrick Leadership Hallway

Across the Grand Foyer, our Gayle Fitzpatrick Leadership Hallway salutes our National Panhellenic Conference Chairmen, alumnae chapters, as well as past and current AOII leaders.

Visit the AOII Archives Museum

Nestled right outside Nashville, TN, AOII’s International Headquarters is home to the AOII Archives Museum. Scattered throughout the museum are spaces we like to call Instagram-able moments. We welcome you to come visit us in person for a tour! A digital tour will be available soon.