AOII Legacies

“One of the fondest memories from my years as a collegiate member of Alpha Omicron Pi was witnessing a new member, who was very dear to my heart, be initiated into our sisterhood with her mother, her mother’s sister, and her grandmother by her side. That to me exemplifies what it means to carry and be a legacy in AOII.” – Taylor Donahue, Kappa Kappa (Ball State U)

What is a legacy?

Alpha Omicron Pi legacies include the sisters, daughters, granddaughters; step-sisters, step-daughters, or step-granddaughters; and adopted sisters, daughters, or granddaughters of our initiated members in good standing with Alpha Omicron Pi.

Legacies are valued potential new members to AOII and meeting these women can be exciting for the legacy, her relative, and our members. However, membership is ultimately the decision of both the chapter and the woman going through the recruitment process. These decisions are often a matter of women finding a chapter and organization where they will be the happiest and have the most rewarding experience.

Our collegiate chapters must give serious consideration to each verified legacy out of courtesy to the AOII member to whom she is related. However, a collegiate chapter may decline membership to a legacy if she does not meet the membership selection criteria set by the chapter.

It is our recommendation to notify a chapter that your legacy will be going through formal recruitment on their campus by submitting the AOII Potential New Member Introduction Form (PNMIF).

AOII Legacy Policy

2023 – 2025 Governing Documents, Standing Rules, Standing Rule 9: Membership Recruitment, Section 9. Legacies at Recruitment.

A legacy is defined as a sister, daughter, or granddaughter of an initiated member of Alpha Omicron Pi (alive or deceased) in good standing with the Fraternity. Step relationships shall be considered in the same manner as non-step relationships. Chapters may contact International Headquarters to verify the membership standing of the relative of a legacy.

If a chapter releases a legacy at any point during the recruitment process, a member of the Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board must contact the AOII relative of the legacy by telephone or e-mail if possible, and with consideration to time, prior to distribution of invitations for the next round of recruitment events. This contact should be as a courtesy to inform the AOII relative of the legacy’s release from membership consideration. Under no circumstances should the Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board member give reason(s) for a legacy’s release.

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