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Since 2010 Alpha Omicron Pi has partnered with Major League Baseball teams to host fundraising efforts in support of the Arthritis Foundation through our Strike Out Arthritis! events. A portion of the ticket price, purchased through the specific AOII link, goes towards grants to the Arthritis Foundation. With ticket sales and attendance growing every year, AOII is able to donate more to our international philanthropy. Partnering with all 30 MLB teams gives us the opportunity to bring larger awareness, and higher participation in our effort to Strike Out Arthritis!

In addition to these Fraternity-wide SOA! events, our collegiate and alumnae chapters host local SOA! events that also contribute to AOII’s overall mission to Strike Out Arthritis!

We hope to see you at the ballpark!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MLB Strike Out Arthritis! events and local collegiate and alumnae chapters’ Strike Out Arthritis! events?

Major League Baseball SOA! events are MLB games that are sponsored and hosted by Alpha Omicron Pi International Fraternity. These games are Fraternity-wide events, and proceeds are donated to the Arthritis Foundation on behalf of Alpha Omicron Pi International Fraternity.

Local collegiate and alumnae chapter SOA! events are held at the local level and are usually hosted on the campus or within the immediate community. Chapters donate proceeds from these events to the AOII Foundation, who in turn grants these dollars to the Arthritis Foundation.

How do I find an MLB Strike Out Arthritis! event near me?

View our list of upcoming games below, or contact Danielle McCullough, Assistant Director of Marketing and Events, for additional questions or information. Ticketing information is also sent out via email to area AOIIs, as well as promoted on our social media outlets including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

How can I get involved with the Major League Baseball initiative?

The best way to get involved is to buy a ticket to an SOA! game that works for your schedule. Then, promote the game to your friends, family, and the community. AOII will post game and ticketing information on social media, so retweet or share the information that way to your friends and followers!

How do I purchase a ticket for the game closest to me?

View our list of upcoming games below and click on the team’s link for purchasing information. Ticketing information is also sent out via email to area AOIIs, as well as promoted on our social media outlets including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Who can buy tickets to the event?

Anyone! This event isn’t just for AOIIs, it’s for everyone! The more people that purchase through our link, the more money raised for arthritis.

How much of each ticket goes to our philanthropy?

Depending on the MLB team, $5-10 of each ticket sold through the ticketing link goes to our cause! The rest covers the ticket cost to the team that we get at a discounted rate. There may be additional fees added by Eventbrite or the team sites for purchasing online.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions regarding Strike Out Arthritis! with Major League Baseball?

Danielle McCullough, Assistant Director of Marketing and Events at (615) 370-0920 or dmccullough@alphaomicronpi.org

2018 SOA! Games
& Ticket Information

(in chronological order)

  • LA Dodgers: Friday, April 20
  • Oakland Athletics: Saturday, April 21
  • Chicago Cubs: Saturday, April 28
  • San Francisco Giants: Saturday, September 1
  • Seattle Mariners: Friday, September 7
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Saturday, September 8
  • Cincinnati Reds: Saturday, September 8
  • Milwaukee Brewers: Saturday, September 8
  • New York Mets: Saturday, September 8
  • Pittsburgh Pirates: Saturday, September 8
  • Boston Red Sox: Friday, September 14
  • Baltimore Orioles: Saturday, September 15
  • Cleveland Indians: Saturday, September 15
  • Houston Astros: Saturday, September 15



  • LA Angels: Saturday, September 15
  • San Diego Padres: Saturday, September 15
  • St. Louis Cardinals: Saturday, September 15
  • Kansas City Royals: Sunday, September 16
  • New York Yankees: Sunday, September 16
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Sunday, September 16
  • Miami Marlins: Friday, September 21
  • Chicago White Sox: Saturday, September 22
  • Texas Rangers: Saturday, September 22
  • Detroit Tigers: Saturday, September 22
  • Colorado Rockies: Saturday, September 29
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Sunday, September 30

Games not yet scheduled: Atlanta Braves, Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays,  Washington Nationals

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