AOII’s Panda Drive

in Arthritis
Children with stuffed Pandas

During each of AOII’s summer events, pandas are donated from members and then given to children who suffer from Juvenile Arthritis. This year we have over 800 pandas that will be given directly to children as a reminder that AOII is fighting to find a cure for arthritis. This summer the pandas will be presented to children at the Arthritis Foundation’s Juvenile Arthritis National Conferences in Houston, TX. and Indianapolis, IN.

Children with stuffed pandasThe Panda Drive has become a successful tradition that originated in Scottsdale, Arizona at the 1995 International Convention. Local volunteers started the panda drive initiative in order to assist the host community and 21 years later, the project continues to be a success, raising hundreds of pandas for the Arthritis Foundation.

Hosting a panda bear donation is a fun and easy way for you or your chapter to help children from all over the U.S. to feel supported and loved. AOII is always accepting panda donations and can be mailed directly to AOII Headquarters in Brentwood, TN year-round.

Why a panda bear? While not an official symbol, the Fraternity and most chapters consider the panda to be AOII’s mascot. Known for having no enemies, the panda was a great choice to help define our desire to work for the betterment of communities.

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