10 Tips To Ace Your Finals

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  1. Prioritize. Create a schedule for the week with the most important items bolded or color coded. Do not be afraid to say no to spontaneous outings or impromptu gatherings with friends; this is a time to focus on what YOU need to do to finish the semester on a high note.
  2. Get in the zone. Silence your cell phone, find the perfect study location, have your study playlist ready and stay focused for one hour at a time.
  3. Sleep! Studies show even four hours of shut eye can improve cognitive functions, which contributes to improved memory function, critical thinking and problem solving skills – all of which can help you ace an exam.
  4. Eat healthy, especially breakfast. Eating a well-balanced, low-sugar breakfast can increase brain activity and give you energy for the entire day. It is easy to skip meals and eat unhealthy foods when you are stressed, but take time to care about your body and you will see better results. Don’t forget to stay hydrated as well!
  5. Exercise. Take a break from studying every hour to get up and walk or do a few light exercises. Walk to the library or local coffee shop instead of driving to get some extra steps in that day. Exercise can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve your focus.
  6. Repeat effective study habits on exam day. Studies show, if you chew the same flavor of gum while taking the exam as you did while studying, it can help to jog your memory. Use the same flashcards or online tools to prepare for the final that you used to study all semester. Study in the order of how your professor taught the information.
  7. Lightly review any content you are still struggling with. On the day of your exam, only focus on items that you need the most review and try not to overload your brain with a lot of new information.
  8. Be prepared. Buy that #2 pencil, have a blue or black ink pen, print your paper or email your assignment ahead of time. Double check you have everything you need in your backpack the night before your exam or project due date. Don’t wait until the day of because this can add unnecessary stress.
  9. Just breathe. Right before the exam begins, take 10 deep breaths. Try to shift all of your attention to your breathing to help reduce nerves and anxiety.
  10. Stay positive! You have done everything you can and have given it your best! Think positively before and during the test! You can do it!
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