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AOII is proud to announce our official sponsorship, alongside 23 other fraternities and sororities, of the DignityU online educational program. DignityU is designed to empower our members to make the choice, in every interaction, to honor the inherent value and worth of another human being. The three workshops of 45, 60, and 90-minute lengths and 17 videos went live in September on Fulfilling the Promise, AOII’s e-learning website. Along with the Fraternity’s roll-out of Behind Happy Faces mental health curriculum, this education extends the focus on creating a culture of care and mindfulness.

Mike Dilbeck founder of RESPONSE ABILITY — an award-winning program on bystander intervention – has worked with author and conflict resolution expert Dr. Donna Hicks to create said framework, built on lifting others up in fraternal organizations. The primary objective of DignityU is to identify and distinguish the essential elements of dignity with the secondary objective being to understand how dignity impacts a person’s own thoughts and actions.

DignityUCreedWhile the word dignity is usually referenced in hazing and alcohol policies, it’s meaning is much broader. Acting with dignity can make an immediate and meaningful difference in our relationships. The premise is simple: let all you do be done in love and be mindful of yourself and others. This is the same message our Founder’s passed down in our Rituals book.

Read this creed–which serves as the ultimate educational framework–aloud and examine how you are bringing dignity to the people and places in your life.

In coordination with National Hazing Prevention Week (September 24-28), DignityU was made available to all members on Fulfilling the Promise. DignityU focuses on lifting others up rather than tearing them down. The activities and videos within the workshops bring awareness to the dignity violations or small acts of judgement or gossip that we make, and in doing so, negate another person’s dignity.

Ways To Engage In The Program:

  • If you are a leader on your campus, ask another organization to partner with you in facilitating a DignityU workshop.
  • If you are an Instagrammer, answer some of our letterboard prompts and tag @alphaomicronpi in your photos (Leading With Dignity Means…, I Value Dignity Because…, I Act With Dignity Because…)
  • If you are a reader, read Dr. Donna Hicks texts, which inspired it all.

It is our hopes that this conversation inspires all our members, alumnae and collegians, to become agents of dignity.”

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