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National Cyber Security Awareness Month is gearing up and AOII wants to you be safe online. Before seeking out the next bargain online, it is important to keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to get plenty of R&R (research and reviews) before your next online purchase to protect your personal information and your back account. As cyber-attacks and personal information leaks continue to stay prevalent in the news, it is important to keep the below tips in mind:

CONSIDER THE SOURCE: Make sure that reliable sources have had pleasant experiences in the past. If you don’t personally know anyone that has purchased anything from the website, be sure to read reviews of products on the site and do a quick search to make sure the site and products are legitimate.

CREDIT YOU CAN COUNT ON: Credit cards are a safer tender than debit cards to guard against theft. If your information is compromised online, they typically refund any money lost without holding you accountable. Credit cards can also protect consumers from goods that aren’t delivered.

SECURE IS SAFE: Do not enter any personal information on a website that does not take extra measures to help secure your information. “Https://” and “shttp://” indicate a secure connection is made, helping keep your information private. Do not input personal information on an open Wi-Fi network regardless of the web address, if possible.

Staying aware of your online shopping habits and being cognizant of the consequences of your actions will give you peace of mind while perfecting your look, buying a new book for accounting or anything else you may be shopping for online. Challenge your sisters this October to STOP. THINK. CONNECT. and be safe online!

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