Seven Things You Might Not Know About The Recruitment And Training Ambassador Programs

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  1. Ambassadors travel to collegiate chapters during the academic year to facilitate trainings. Each Recruitment or Training Ambassador makes around three to six visits during the academic year to collegiate chapters, depending on which chapters are requesting visits and the ambassador’s availability. Visits are scheduled on weekends and take into account where ambassadors reside.
  2. The Recruitment and Training Ambassador programs are two separate teams. Recruitment Ambassadors facilitate the Fraternity’s recruitment curriculum, which focuses on branding, IMSP, cultivating relationships, social excellence and values-based conversations and work with our collegiate chapters. Training Ambassadors primarily focus on AAC trainings, with some trainings including the LC/Cabinet officers, and deliver the Fraternity’s AAC training curriculum.
  3. All alumnae are eligible. Any alumna member of Alpha Omicron Pi is eligible to apply to serve as a Recruitment or Training Ambassador. Both teams are made up of alumnae from different age groups with varying levels of experience. If you have a passion for learning, facilitating, and AOII, you can apply to serve.
  4. Ambassadors are trained prior to making visits. Both teams will have a training weekend at AOII International Headquarters for the team members to get to know each other and to learn how to facilitate successful visits. Recruitment Ambassador Training takes place August 2-4 and Training Ambassador training takes place August 9-11.
  5. You can serve in conjunction with an AAC position. Many ambassadors also serve a chapter locally as members of an AAC. This allows them to pull from their hands-on experience.
  6. Further your love for facilitating! Serving as a Recruitment or Training Ambassador allows you to further your love of facilitating and working with groups. Training Ambassadors generally work with smaller groups of AACs or LCs, and Recruitment Ambassadors facilitate to the whole chapter.
  7. It’s a great ‘next-step’ position. Recruitment and Training Ambassadors are international volunteers, but it isn’t necessary to have AOII volunteer position experience in order to serve. This is a great way to start getting involved at the International level, take the next step in your volunteer career, or get back into volunteering if you’ve taken a few years off!

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