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The Ruby Fund Message for the 2017-2018 Founders’ Day season can be read below, and is available on the Program’s page under the Foundation tab! There are also have brief instructions on how to collect Ruby Fund donations at your event, which helps the AOII Foundation sustain the fund throughout the year. Happy Founders’ Day! 

To be read at your chapter’s Founders’ Day celebration or reprinted in your newsletter.

Happy Founders’ Day to our beloved sisters,

Today, as we celebrate our sisterhood and honor our Founders, we are surrounded by an abundance of friendship and love. We are given the chance to reconnect with those who continue to honor Stella, Jessie, Helen and Bess’ legacy through fraternity, college loyalty and dignity. We are also reminded of one of our core beliefs—the importance of charity. We know “there is much of charity to be done.”

Think back to when you first became a member of AOII. The world was your oyster and you knew that being a part of this sisterhood would not only foster life-long friendships, but also open you to new possibilities and adventures. The Fraternity would be the vehicle to inspire ambition in ways you could never imagine.

Now, what if an unexpected life change stopped your dream in its tracks?

What happens to our sister who loses her home in a flood along with all her family’s belongings, escaping in time only to salvage her wedding album and child’s baby book?

What about our sister recovering from cancer, faced with mountains of medical debt, but unable to secure a job due to her frequent medical visits?

Or, think about our sister who is just six months away from graduating, but is plagued with a serious eating disorder that prevents her from meeting coursework demands because she is desperately trying to seek medical treatment that she cannot afford.

Hearing the courageous stories of our sisters and knowing that the heartfelt donations from our members reach only a wound that faith, hope and charity can heal is quite impactful.

The honor has been bestowed upon all of us to help our sisters during these trying times so that their aspirations never disappear. Let’s give them hope so they can continue pursuing their dreams, and let us not allow ambition to fade away.

We offer support and security to our sisters who need it most. We are fortunate to be able to help our sisters during their darkest days. By giving to the Ruby Fund, we are living our Ritual. These gifts would not be possible without the generosity of the many sisters who donate to the Ruby Fund.

Thank you for your support of our sisterhood. And, thank you for your support of the Ruby Fund, the heart of AOII.


Theresa Ludvigson, Chairman, Chi Psi
Allie Bassett, Committee Member, Theta Omega
Serena Bell, Committee Member, Beta Gamma
Toni Morgan, Committee Member, Alpha Chi
Laura Plummer, Committee Member, Alpha Delta
Rissa Reddan, Foundation Board Liaison, Omega

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