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To be read at your chapter Founders’ Day celebration or reprinted in your newsletter.

Some schools started late; others sent students home mid-semester. Alumnae meetings and events were cancelled due to local bans on gatherings. Individual members became ill and their sisters sent messages of care and concern.

These are just a few of the updates found in the November 1918 edition of To Dragma, referencing the influenza pandemic that year.

In many ways, 2020 has been a year like no other. Most of us have never lived through a pandemic. However, our Founders and our Fraternity went through this more than 100 years ago and we will get through this now – stronger because of the love we share for one another.

Every year at Founders’ Day, we highlight the Ruby Fund and ask you to consider supporting this vital program that helps our sisters in need. Rarely has that support been more important than it is this year.

The Ruby Fund provides financial assistance to sisters in dire need due to unemployment, medical expenses, the death of a family member, or natural disasters. Never since its creation have so many sisters faced one or more of these challenges. 

In response to rising needs from sisters impacted by the pandemic, the Foundation Board created special emergency COVID grants. These expanded eligibility for Ruby Fund grants to include all collegiate members, not just graduating seniors and alumnae. As of October 15, $26,671 dollars in COVID-19 grants have been awarded to 30 sisters for 2020. In addition to the special COVID grant funding, the Ruby Fund will award another $35,000 in traditional grants to sisters in need.

Your generosity will help us meet the ongoing need. Please join us in giving to the Ruby Fund to ensure every sister has the support they need during these extraordinary times.

“I would like to say once again thank you for giving me this amazing award! It truly did help me in a time of need. It also showed me how amazing and lucky I am to have this support system. I love this organization so much and I am glad it was there for me in my biggest time of need.” 2020 COVID-19 Ruby Fund Recipient

Ruby Fund Committee, 2019-2021

Serena Bell, Chairwoman, Beta Gamma (Michigan State U)
Allison Bassett, Theta Omega (Northern Arizona U)
Samantha Buente, Chi Lambda (U of Evansville)
Vicki Menna, Theta Pi (Wagner College)
Laura Plummer, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)

Kandy Bernskoetter, Board Liaison, Sigma (U of California, Berkeley)

Click here to watch Kandy Bernskoetter read the 2021 Ruby Fund Message.

The AOII Executive Board voted unanimously to change the official observance of AOII Founders’ Day to January 2, rather than December 8, Founder Stella Perry’s birthday. The Fraternity will now celebrate Founders’ Day on our actual founding date of January 2.

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