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This Pi Day, the AOII Foundation celebrates all our sisters who have Pi Power! Read on about some of our incredible sisters with Pi Power who inspire us to be better AOIIs every day. 


Shirley Lin, Delta Alpha (U of Missouri)

Shirley is a certified travel consultant who was inspired to join the profession after seeing a sign in her hometown that advertised training as a travel agent. Over 28 years later, she is happy to help sisters from near and far with their own adventures as well as use her talents to assist the Fraternity.

“…because I was chosen to represent AOII as an area advisor, I was able to meet so many new NPC sisters at NPC training, along with some new AOII sisters. You grow with every trip you take. Travel makes us richer.” 

How have your sisters supported you during your journeys?
“My AOII story is never complete without one of my favorite travel (and probably most embarrassing!) memories. As we were leaving Leadership Academy, I took a tumble at Nashville’s airport down a set of escalators. I hit my head at the bottom of the escalator hard. They even called emergency services! Luckily, a dear sister was with me and made sure I was okay, never laughing once! As soon as I posted about my tumble on social media, so many AOIIs that were still there at the airport started to reach out to me and tried to find me. They didn’t leave me until it was time for their flights.” 

What do you love most about traveling?
“What I love most about traveling is meeting new people and experiencing new things. From traveling to Bora Bora or even taking a road trip to Indiana to support one of my AOII chapters, I learn and grow with each travel experience.”

What do you love most about being an AOII?
“AOIIs always have a common bond, so we never meet a stranger. We always meet a sister!” 


Carly Petersen Loth, Sigma Phi (California State U Northridge)

Carly loves being a mom to her three adopted sons. Carly experienced amazing love from her family when she was adopted at 16 months. She is passionate about adoption and the impact it can have on a child. She and her husband dreamed of the opportunity to grow their family through adoption.   

How have your sisters supported you during your journey to motherhood and beyond?
“I have been supported by my sisters with items to get ready for our boys, like a crib mattress and sheets, to babysitting services. This group is full of awesome tips too. Many of my favorite mom hacks have come from fellow AOIIs. These women are also a very important emotional support system for me.” 

What do you love most about being a mom? 
“Hugs, snuggles, and the kids’ giggles. Watching them learn and grow is such a trip.”   

How do you support AOII to this day?
“I am an active member of the Greater LA Alumnae Chapter. I serve on two Foundation committees—Scholarship and Fundraising & Development. I am a Foundation donor and member of the Keystone Society.”  

What do you love most about being an AOII? 
“Hands down, it’s our Ritual. It can help with any issue or a bad day. I am also grateful for the lifelong friendships.”  


Lisa Snyder, Iota (U of Illinois)

Lisa was one of the only women in her electrical engineering program during her time at her university. Over 30 years later, she is proud of how her sisters supported her professional journey, even if there were very few in her classes. 

“My AOII relationships allowed me to make more friends with women. In my classes, it was the majority of men. AOII allowed me to make friends, and connections, and gain confidence.”


What made you want to go into STEM? 
“I always loved math in school—yes, I was a Mathlete! My senior year in high school, the Pompon State Championship was on the same day at U of Illinois that the Math State Contest was at Illinois State University, so I had to choose. My high school math team coach talked to me. She said, ‘Your Pom team has 20 team members, and I only have 5, which includes you.’ I choose the math team meet, and we won state.” 

What do you love most about being in STEM? 
“I love that things change all the time. There are always new technologies and new business areas to help. I’ve also loved the travel that my job has allowed me to do. For example, I’ve been to India six times.” 

What do you love most about being an AOII?
“I love that when I meet an AOII, she is living the life she wants to live. She’s always passionate about something. Maybe kids, maybe travel, maybe work, maybe a charity, maybe just working on herself. Overall, each AOII is unique but always a pleasure to get to know.” 


Hallie Salmi, Delta Chi (U of Delaware)

Hallie is an active volunteer in AOII as well as in her local Baltimore community. In addition to being a volunteer on the Advancement & Marketing committee for the Foundation, she is the president-elect of the Junior League of Annapolis, president of the Baltimore Panhellenic Alumnae Association, and member of Daughters of the American Revolution, and she is trying to reorganize the AOII Baltimore Alumnae chapter.  

“I always knew the Foundation existed, but the full breadth of the support they provide my sisters in need is truly a testament to ‘for a lifetime.’ I was inspired not only to become an 1897 Society member but also to submit my Foundation volunteer application.”

What made you want to start volunteering?
“It was many years after college, during my divorce, when I was looking for activities to fill my time that I turned back to AOII. Reaching out to HQ regarding volunteer opportunities, I quickly found myself advising the Theta Beta chapter at Towson University. Being surrounded by bright, energetic young ladies and watching them grow and learn was just what I needed. I was proud to see a past chapter president become the first ELC from Theta Beta.” 

How have your AOII sisters supported you?
“When I joined AOII, I didn’t expect to make lifelong friends and to find a fellowship of women with whom I would have a common bond and a safe space where I could learn and grow as a woman and a person. After graduation, my AOII sisters were my core friends. They were there when my mother passed away a few years after graduation. Through those years, those women kept my connection to AOII alive.” 


Esther Nickelson, Alpha Phi (Montana State U)

Esther was exposed to nursing at an early age. Her mother was a nurse too, but she credits her AOII sisters with key support during her studies and beyond. 

“I initially thought I would pursue medical school . . . It was with support from my AOII sisters through my last year of undergrad, encouraging me to study, celebrating submissions of applications and taking of the MCAT, crying with me when I didn’t get accepted, as well as being personal references for nursing school once I pivoted course into nursing.”

 What do you love most about nursing?
“I love the many options available in nursing and feel the same for staying involved as an AOII. I currently work as a nurse practitioner in urgent cares (both virtually and in clinic), but have friends in the hospitals, at home care, specialty offices, the OR, and even working abroad.” 

How do you support AOII to this day?
“After college, I moved from Montana to the San Francisco Bay Area and didn’t know anyone other than my husband. By joining an AAC, I was able to make connections and not feel so homesick. Through the encouragement of other sisters, I’ve been involved in AOII after college as an advisor and network specialist of new chapter development for several chapters over the years. I absolutely didn’t feel ‘ready’ to be a volunteer at a network level, but several sisters felt I was.” 

What do you love most about being an AOII?
“You can be as involved as you are able, and whenever the time comes to either pull back or become more involved, there is always some opportunity available!”

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