Known as “the heart of AOII,” the Ruby Fund offers sisters in need financial assistance during their most difficult times. There are two different types of grants available to all sisters from the Ruby Fund:

  • Emergency: Emergency grants are available to eligible applicants who show a dire need for immediate financial assistance (1-14 days after inquiry). Support letters are not required for alumna or collegiate members.
  • Alumna & Collegiate: Ruby Fund grants are available to sisters in need with a more flexible timeline for financial assistance (approximately two to four weeks). Collegiate sisters will need a letter of support from their Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board (CCAB).

Fundraising for the Ruby Fund typically occurs at Founders’ Day events every year. If you are hosting a Founders’ Day event, read the Founders’ Day and Ruby Fund Donation Checklist.

Click here to view the Ruby Fund Message 2022-2023.


Who can apply for the Ruby Fund?

As of fall 2022, all sisters – collegian, and alumnae – in good standing are eligible to apply for the Ruby Fund.

Can I use my Ruby Fund grant for any expense?

No, you may not. Grants from the Ruby Fund may not be used for AOII Fraternity dues (both local and international), social fees, or chapter housing. You may use the funding for anything else though.

How do I apply to the Ruby Fund?

Please email to determine your eligibility and receive an application.

I’m nervous about applying to the Ruby Fund for a certain reason. Is my application confidential?

Your application will be reviewed by the Ruby Fund committee and select Foundation staff members. If you receive funding, you will be asked if you would like your story to be kept confidential or not. If you choose to release your story, you may receive follow-up about features on social media.

How do I donate to the Ruby Fund?

Besides Founders’ Day events, you can donate on our website at any time to the Ruby Fund. Simply select “Ruby Fund” as your designation on the donation page.

make a donation to the Ruby Fund

Ruby Fund Grants are awarded to any initiated members in good standing who are in dire need of financial assistance and whose application for assistance is approved by the Foundation’s Ruby Fund Committee. Assistance has been awarded for members suffering from illnesses, homes destructed by natural disasters, loss of job, and other forms of dire need. All requests and awards remain confidential. Please note the Ruby Fund does not provide assistance for any AOII Fraternity dues (chapter or international), social fees, or chapter housing obligations. If you or a fellow sister is in dire need of assistance due to an unforeseen circumstance or illness, please email us with details of your situation in order for us to determine eligibility.