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Raising Roses is the AOII Foundation’s annual giving society exclusively for collegiate members. This exciting opportunity allows collegians to give back to our sisterhood through individual giving. These gifts make a difference in the lives of our sisters today and tomorrow. By contributing, our sisters continue to demonstrate their loyalty to AOII.

To honor the year of Alpha Omicron Pi’s founding, individual gifts of $18.97 or more to the Loyalty Fund (unrestricted) are recognized with a commemorative AOII gift that is only available to Raising Roses collegiate donors.

Only one gift of $18.97 or more per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) is required in order for a sister to join this group and receive the appreciation gift.

Raising Roses can be purchased in honor or on behalf of a collegiate sister.

Jacqueminot Circle


The Jacqueminot Circle is our foundational alumnae giving society where the power of affordable donations comes together to have the broadest impact across the Foundation. The Jacqueminot Circle provides recognition for our sisters who contribute an annual gift of $228 (payable in full or in monthly installments of $18.97) to our Loyalty Fund. The Loyalty Fund is vital to the Foundation, driving our programs, powering our outreach, and supplementing our scholarships.

1897 Society

1897 SocietyJOIN THE 1897 SOCIETY

Also in honor of AOII’s founding year, the 1897 Society acknowledges donors who contribute $1,897 or more in a fiscal year to the Foundation’s Loyalty Fund (unrestricted). These donors are recognized with an invitation to an 1897 Society recognition event each year, as well as a limited edition AOII charm only available to 1897 Society donors.

For more information on how you can become a member of the 1897 Society, contact Ashley Byrd, AOII Foundation Executive Director.

We are grateful to the members of the 1897 Society for the 2022-2023 fiscal year!

2022-2023 1897 Society Members

Allison Allgier
Kathy Andrews
Phyllis Austin
Tami Baddeley
Angela Baker
Ginger Banks
Kathryn Barry
Karen Bassett
Nora Behan
Kandy Bernskoetter
Jessica Bertsch
Julie Bishop
Sarah Blankenship
Gretta Blatner
Sharon Boison
Susan Bonifield
Lacey Bowman
Laura Boyer
Barbara Bruning
Ashley Byrd
Murph Callahan
Carrie Capron
Brittany Carter
Phyllis Caufield
Julie Christensen
Jo Cole
Linda Collier
Crystal Grafton Combs
Yvette Connor
Kath Conver
Peg Crawford
Nicole Cronenwett
Thelma Culverson
Susan Danko
Barbara Dannenberg
Tamee Dark
Meagan Davies
Andrea Dill
Tasha Dolan
Ashley Dumat
Kay Elam
Elaine Ellis
Kelly Farrell-Oliverson
Charlene Favre
Suzanne Ferreira
Rene Fitzgerald
Gayle Fitzpatrick
Judy Flessner
Beth Fry
Phyllis Gilson
Lori Goede
Rachel Grace
Linda Grandolfo
Christine Graves
Jennifer Greulich
Jessie Wang Grimm
Anna Guerra
Suan Guess-Hanson
Kandyce Harber
Kelli Harris
Beverly Hatcher
Karen Hickman
Lady Hood-Hirsch
Nancy Hohmann
Ardeen Hoke
Martha Houston
Barbara Hunt
Joni Ingram
Jaynellen Behre Jenkins
Carole Jones
Barbara Long
Michelle Lopez
Carly Loth
Christina Lovell
Karen Marchese
Lynnette McMahon
Pamela Mearsheimer
Vicki Menna
Ann Meredith
Beth Anne Merida
Morgan Harkrider Middleton
Chris Miller
Kaya Miller
Bobbe Monteleone
Karen Morauski
Dana Moreland
Lisa Niedenthal
Julie O’Brien
Kaci O’Donnell
Susan Palmer
Terry Palmer
Pat Howard Peebles
Tammy Perkins
Koren Phillips
Amy Pike
Lauren Plouff
Lisa Poche
Tonya Powers
Tracey Pritulsky
Rissa Reddan
Cindee Riordan
Ally Rodriguez
Hallie Salmi
Chantel Schieffer
Melissa Schoenfeld
Heather Scott
Kathy Sowell
Elizabeth Steele
Carol Stevenson
Susan Jane Story
Meagan Stringer
Joyce Strout
Ginger Swift
Jane Tessmer
Maureen Tokar
Jess Toner
Cindy Tooley
Dionn Tron
Dawn Trout
Connie Underwood
Carey Unger
Cindy Visot
Dian Volkmer
Sally Wagaman
Suzy Mygatt Wakefield
Kristin Walters
Mary Williams
Anne Wilmes
Leslie Wininger
Barbara Zipperian
Barbara Zolnierczak