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ELC Beth Case

by Beth Case, Gamma Alpha (George Mason U), 2017-2018 Educational Leadership Consultant

Hello! My name is Beth Case, and I’m one of the Educational Leadership Consultants for the 2017-2018 school year. I graduated from the Gamma Alpha Chapter at George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in tourism, hospitality and event management, and a minor in art and visual technology. Being an ELC has always been my dream job, given my rewarding collegiate experience with Alpha Omicron Pi, so I was determined to help guarantee a similar experience for other AOII collegiate members. I am lucky enough to have been assigned as one of the resident consultants chartering the new AOII chapter at Troy University with fellow ELC Katie Harrington, Theta Psi (U of Toledo).

With both of us being northern gals, Troy, Alabama is as far South as either of us have travelled, and we have made quite a few adjustments this semester. The university is very different to what either of us have experience with, so my first few weeks here, I focused a lot on getting to know the Fraternity Sorority Adviser (FSA), the Panhellenic Council and the Interfraternity Council; as well as eating a lot of fried food and adopting “y’all” into my vocabulary. All of the Greek Life here at Troy are overwhelmingly friendly and move mountains to help AOII. Upon arrival, we found a huge set of AOII wooden letters painted with our new infinity rose. We felt so welcomed to the community and knew that AOII would thrive at this school that focused so heavily on character and college loyalty.

The biggest adjustment to being an ELC is having to watch the chapter from the outside, rather than being on the inside. I always want to jump in and give ideas from chapters I’m familiar with, but I bite my tongue reminding myself that this is THEIR chapter to build. They are such amazing women though, and think of ideas better than anything I would have recommended in the first place. For only being in AOII in just under two months, their enthusiasm and passion for the organization is heartwarming. Though it’s been an personal adjustment to live in Alabama, I love the southern hospitality. Everyone is so genuinely compassionate and interested in you and your life. It’s made this semester here feel like home, and I know I will have a hard time saying goodbye to my new sisters. The new members of the chapter here at Troy didn’t even know that they had what it took to be a chartering member of an organization, and already embodied those AOII values of character, dignity, scholarship and college loyalty. I’m comforted knowing I will be leaving the chapter with 87 new sisters who are just beginning to let Alpha Omicron Pi shape them into becoming even better versions of themselves.

ELC Beth Case

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