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Our members continue to process thoughts about and experience personal ramifications regarding the United States Supreme Court ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. We support an individual’s personal right to make private medical decisions and to determine their own future.

As an organization, we are advocates for education, especially regarding women’s health and will continue to support our philanthropic partner, the Arthritis Foundation, in their efforts to ensure gender equity in access to medication and treatment. As individual members, we have the ability to advocate for change by aligning ourselves with a cause, educating ourselves and others, and being active participants through activism and civic involvement.

  • Align yourself with a cause by examining your values and how your actions reflect those values. Listen thoughtfully when those around you express their experiences and feelings.
  • Educate yourself by seeking out knowledge on the topic and becoming familiar with available resources. Encourage conversations among your peers and family.
  • Participate through activism and civic involvement. Identify groups or organizations with goals and values similar to your own. Donate as you are able to organizations that support those impacted. Call your government officials and exercise your right to vote for officials at every level who advocate for the principles in which you believe to express your voice. Remain committed to your own education and engagement over time, in the absence of heavy news coverage.

Resources for Reproductive Rights

Arthritis & Methotrexate

Sexual Assault Awareness & Support

LGBTQ+ Resources

Mental Health

Virtual Mental Health

Civic Engagement & Voting

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