AOII Updates Diversity Policy

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Alpha Omicron Pi believes that all individuals are unique, with inherent worth and dignity, and should be treated with respect. As part of the Fraternity’s ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, effective immediately, the Executive Board has made an amendment to AOII’s Diversity Policy with respect to a member’s choice of pronouns. The bold text below is added only to illustrate the change approved by the Executive Board. AOII’s full Diversity Policy states:

Alpha Omicron Pi recognizes that diversity is integral to a well-rounded membership experience and that each potential new member and member possesses special characteristics that they can contribute to the organization. The Fraternity seeks to nurture merit, talent, and achievement by supporting diversity, particularly acknowledging the need to remove barriers to the selection, retention, and advancement of our potential new members and members.

Alpha Omicron Pi does not participate in or tolerate harassment of, or discrimination or retaliation against, potential new members or members based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or other characteristics protected by state or federal law. Because we are a women’s organization, membership is open only to those who consistently live and identify as women. The Fraternity respects each member’s choice to use feminine and/or gender-neutral pronouns or to decline the use of pronouns.

The Fraternity believes that all individuals are unique, with inherent worth and dignity, and should be treated with respect.

The amendment has not altered the fact that AOII is a women’s organization devoted to sisterhood and also to fostering a strong sense of belonging through friendships and a genuine connection to the Fraternity. The Executive Board’s action through this amendment clarifies our members’ freedom of personal expression and an understanding that a member’s choice of personal pronoun does not equal an expression of gender identity.

How Might this Impact Collegiate Chapter Operations?

  • Individuals who consistently live and identify as women and who self-identify through feminine, gender neutral, or no pronouns may serve as active members, chapter volunteers, or be considered as potential members of the Fraternity.
  • Chapters may elect to change feminine pronouns within their Bylaws if they wish. However, given that AOII’s Governing Documents specify respect for pronoun use, no changes are required or needed of chapters.
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