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AOII ELC Rachel Solomon

by Rachel Solomon, Delta Omega (Murray State U), 2018-2019 ELC

“The days are long but the weeks are short.”

I will always remember my boss, Kaya, saying those exact words while sitting across from her at the dining room table in the Nu Omicron (Vanderbilt U) house. I was with the rest of my ELC team on our first night of training in July, and I have never felt as anxious and excited to get started as I did that night. I remember that moment so vividly because I remember thinking, “Yeah right.” However, truer words have never been spoken.

Being an ELC can be a crazy (and tiring) job at times, but the amazing women I have met along the way and the stories I can share have made it all worth it.

As I sit in the beautiful Alpha Pi (Florida State U) house surrounded by women chit chatting in between classes, I can’t help but think back on all of the wonderful memories I’ve shared with so many women from many different parts of the U.S. and Canada.

I think back to my first-ever visit with the women of Lambda Tau (U) and how warm and inviting they were towards me during their hectic recruitment week.

I think back to singing Waterloo by ABBA with my Lambda Epsilon (U of Waterloo) sisters while in Waterloo, Ontario.

I think back to all the fun movie and game nights I had, whether it was quoting every word to High School Musical with Chi Epsilon (The Ohio State U) or playing cards until late at night with my Sigma Alpha sisters (West Virginia U).

But more than anything, I think back on how quickly my time as an ELC has come and gone.

Stella George Stern Perry once said, “Of all the blessings we count over, it seems to me none is greater than the consciousness of belonging to a family of thousands of sisters.” Having now met many of those thousands of sisters, I couldn’t think of a more accurate statement.

So here’s to more memories that have yet to be created and thousands more sisters that I have yet to meet!

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