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This article was originally pushlished in the Spring 2019 issue of To Dragma.

Stay Connected After Graduation

Graduating soon? This helpful checklist will help ensure you stay connected with the Fraternity well after you move your tassel!

Update Your Information

Whether you have just graduated, moved or created a new email address, make sure you update the Fraternity of any personal information changes to stay looped in for announcements!

Update my information

Pay Annual Alumnae Dues

You can pay your annual alumnae dues directly to the Fraternity via the AOII website under the “members” tab. Your $35 annual alumnae dues ($19 for Life Loyal members) help continue to support the Fraternity and alumnae-specific programming. Your payment also allows you to receive quarterly newsletters keeping you up-to-date on alumnae events and education!

Pay alumnae dues

Join Life Loyal

A great way to stay connected with AOII after graduation and continue to give back to the Fraternity is to become a Life Loyal member. AOII’s membership is constantly growing, and connectivity with our membership is key to AOII’s success. Once a member of Life Loyal, you will receive a beautiful lapel pin to wear alongside your AOII badge, an AOII Life Loyal gift, a lifetime subscription to To Dragma and permanent exemption from the operating portion of alumnae chapter dues to AOII. Head to page 52 for more information!

Join Life Loyal

Join Your Local Alumnae Chapter

Did you know there are over 160 alumnae chapters in the US and Canada? If you are moving to a new area or staying in your college town and want to meet new sisters, consider joining an alumnae chapter! You can find more information on our alumnae chapters under the “members” tab of the AOII website. Are you interested in learning more about what our alumnae chapters do? Head to page 34 in the Spring 2019 issue of To Dragma!

View Alumnae chapters

Connect With Alumnae On Social Media!

Follow your local alumnae chapter on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. Also, be sure to follow the Fraternity (social media links in footer), and stay connected by tagging us in your posts!

Digital Media Tips To Land The Job

Are you preparing to graduate from college and looking for your first job? Are you ready to advance your career and looking for a new opportunity? Before you hit “submit” on that application or schedule that first interview, be sure to assess your digital footprint and enhance your personal brand online.

Did you know 60 percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, according to CareerBuilder’s annual social media recruitment survey? Beyond that, 49 percent of hiring managers say they have found information that caused them not to hire a candidate. We have five tips to enhance your personal brand through social media and digital communication.

1. Create And Update Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is an incredible way to network with professionals while also representing who you are and what you offer as an employee. A great rule of thumb is to connect on LinkedIn with peers, professors, employers and internship connections before you graduate. Ask them to endorse you and the professional skills you have added from your resume.

2. Evaluate Your Social Media

Put on the lens of an employer in your field and look over all of your social media. This does not just mean your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Do you have spring break pictures from two years ago on VSCO that are not something you want your employer to see? Do you have an old Tumblr account that may not accurately reflect who you are now? Partying on your Instagram story is not going to land you the dream job.

  • PRO TIP: If you have a fake Instagram (Finsta) or a Snapchat, where you post or send inappropriate things, this is the perfect time to delete this account and stop sending things you wouldn’t want an employer to see. Anything you put online or send (especially on your story) can be screenshotted and shared with the world. Sharing even one foolish photo may be enough to deter employers from offering you your dream opportunity.

3. Research Your Industry And Follow The Experts

Who is your biggest inspiration in your professional field? Are you following them online? This is important because these people are influencing the field you are looking to enter, and likely sharing relevant content for you to know and share yourself. This gives you a leg up when employers review your social media or even bring up certain topics for you to discuss in your interview.

4. Create And Develop Your “Voice”

Know who you are and what you stand for to best represent yourself through your digital communication. Stay consistent, whether you are blogging or sharing thoughts on Twitter, keep it in your “voice.” One negative or uneducated blog post or Tweet can certainly reflect negatively on you professionally.

  • PRO TIP: Ask three people you trust before posting to edit and review a blog post, caption or photo to ensure it could not have a negative impact on someone else’s viewpoint.

5. Develop Emails Intentionally

If you are entering the workforce, email is more important than ever. You must follow professional email etiquette when sending emails, and this includes addressing the person at the beginning of the email, spelling their name and title correctly, using full sentences and ending the email with your name and appropriate contact information.

  • PRO TIP: Answer all emails from potential employers or human resources professionals within five hours of receiving the email.
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