Ritual, Recruitment, and the Power of Volunteering

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By Cindy Tooley, Alpha Chi (Western Kentucky U), Rituals, Traditions, and Jewelry Committee

Summer is my favorite season, and I am always surprised at how fast it passes. Every August, I find myself feeling a little nostalgic for my college days as I see and hear about all the young adults who are going back or headed off to college for the first time. The ending of summer break also means many of our collegiate women are hard at work preparing for Fall recruitment.

Recruitment is the lifeblood of our Fraternity and central to AOII’s continued success. By selecting new members who align with AOII’s ritual-based ends of ambition, sense of belonging, leadership, character, and service, our Fraternity ensures a vibrant and cohesive community that upholds our values and traditions.

While our collegiate women are hard at work preparing for recruitment, have you considered as an alumna what role you can play in your local chapter and AOII’s continued success? Alumnae involvement in sorority recruitment not only strengthens the chapter but fosters a sense of continuity and unity. By sharing your knowledge and experiences, you play a vital role in shaping AOII’S future and cultivating a vibrant sisterhood. Consider a few ways you can get involved:

  1. Share your collegiate and AOII experiences with young women heading off to college.
  2. Recruitment Recommendation Letters: These letters provide valuable insights and recommendations about the potential new member’s character, achievements, and potential contributions. The process is all online and easy!
  3. Attend Recruitment Events: Reach out to your local chapter and ask what support they need. Even a small donation to help with snacks and meals would be appreciated.
  4. Social Media Engagement: Leverage your social media platforms to support recruitment efforts. If you haven’t already, follow AOII’s main social pages as well as your local chapter(s). Be sure to like and reshare their posts.
  5. Mentoring and Advisor Support: Consider volunteering on a larger level at your local chapter to share your experiences, mentor, and support to ensure the chapter’s success as well as individual member’s personal and professional growth.

Volunteering lies at the heart of AOII’s ritual commitment to service and is a cornerstone of our Fraternity and brings numerous rewards. By giving back, you develop valuable leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills. Volunteers have the chance to make a tangible impact, supporting the growth and success of our chapters. Even more personally rewarding, it allows you to stay connected to AOII and create lasting friendships with fellow alumnae sisters. The experience of volunteering and living our ritual not only enriches the lives of others, but also provides personal fulfillment and a sense of purpose.

You may contact the Rituals, Traditions, and Jewelry Committee (RT&J) about anything Ritual-related at RT&J@alphaomicronpi.org

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