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Wondering how to create connection and engage members while not physically together? AOII’s Collegiate Experience department has gathered a list of virtual sisterhood ideas and sisterhood icebreakers to connect your chapter members. Read through the list below and don’t forget to tag AOII on social media when sharing any virtual sisterhood activities you’re participating in!

Virtual Sisterhood Ideas

Zoom Breakout Rooms
Items Needed: Phone, tablet or computer

Schedule a zoom meeting and then have members take a quiz. After they have their results, have them break out into those groups and discuss why they think they got those results and how their group can relate to other groups. Read this article on enabling zoom breakout rooms for more information!

  • Quiz ideas: Love Languages, Enneagram, Buzzfeed, Character quizzes

Netflix Party
Items Needed: Computer and Netflix account

One person will download the Chrome extension on their computer and then log into their Netflix account. They can then send out a link that allows them to watch the same video on Netflix and can communicate in the chat box as they watch the show/movie together. Note: everyone must log into a Netflix account on their computer to utilize the chat feature.

Items Needed: Houseparty app on a phone, tablet or computer

Video chat, interact, play games and take quizzes. Download on the App Store or Google Play.

Items Needed: TikTok account and a phone or tablet

Challenge – Someone shares their screen via Zoom or Google Hangout with a TikTok Dance and then everyone learns the dance and does it together. The trick is that you only have 1 minute to learn it and/or can only watch the video three times before you perform it together.

Step-by-Step Lessons – Connect virtually with sisters via Zoom, Google Hangout or FaceTime to learn dances together and have one sister teach the group. This is super helpful if a sister knows Renegade, Savage, Captain Hook, etc. or dances that are faster as she can slow it down and teach it step by step.

Videos – Film separate scenes remotely and have sisters send their scene to one designated sister to put the separate scenes together for one video like the trending Full House video.

Spotify Sisterhood Playlist
Items Needed: Spotify account and a phone, tablet or computer

One sister can create the playlist on Spotify and share with the chapter to allow any users to go in and add a feel-good song. Or one person can have sisters send in song recommendations to put on a playlist. Either way – send out the playlist when it is done so that you can listen to it and think of your sisters. Please note that the creator of the playlist must change the access of the playlist to be a “collaborative” playlist in order to let others add songs.

TV, Movie or Book Club
Items Needed: Cable, streaming service (like Hulu or Netflix) or a book

Have everyone interested in joining the club watch a specific show, movie or read a book and then schedule a time to connect virtually and discuss your thoughts.

Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Ice Cream (etc.) Dates
Items Needed: Date/time, a snack or meal and Facetime, Zoom or Google Hangouts

Schedule a time to sit down one-on-one with a sister or a group of sisters to get to know each other better and/or check-in. This is a great time to utilize sisterhood icebreaker activities or virtual quizzes if you need prompts to get to know someone new or on a deeper level.

Members of AOII’s staff play Drawful2.

Drawful2 (similar to Pictionary)
Items Needed: Phone and a tablet or computer with Zoom or Google Hangouts

Have the group connect to Zoom or Google Hangout on a tablet or computer. Designate one person to be the leader of the game and share their tablet or computer screen with the rest of the group. Anyone who wants to play will enter the game code on the link the leader sends out. All players will use their phones for their individual submissions and guesses. This online game allows groups of no more than eight to connect, try creating a Drawful2 tournament to involve more members!

Items Needed: Phone, tablet or computer and a Zoom or Google Hangouts

One user signs up as a student for the free version of Kahoot and can create quizzes. They can then share the link for other members to log into the game and play. This works best if one sister is designated the leader and shares their screen on Zoom or Google Hangout.

Online Games
Items Needed: Phone, tablet or computer and Zoom or Google Hangouts

Study Groups
Items Needed: Phone, tablet or computer and Zoom or Google Hangouts + your brain!

If sisters are in the same class, connect virtually to study together.

Virtual Lessons
Items Needed: Phone, tablet or computer and Zoom or Google Hangouts + your talented sisters!

Set up a date and time to connect virtually and have a sister lead a lesson in her area of specialty. Be sure to share the date and time with the chapter so they can mark their calendars!

  • Topic ideas: hair and makeup (for recruitment prep), styling, decorating, cooking, dancing, craft, languages, etc.

Virtual Workout Class
Items Needed: Phone, tablet or computer and Zoom or Google Hangouts + H2O!

Set up a date and time to connect virtually to do a workout class together. One sister can share her screen on Zoom or Google Hangouts so that everyone sees the same video and can workout at the same time, but in the comfort of their home. Take some time to research online – specifically YouTube and Google for videos of free classes. Ideas include:

MTV Cribs
Items Needed: Phone, tablet or computer to record a video or Zoom or Google Hangouts to show live

Throwback to the early 2000’s and pre-record or virtually stream live to give a tour of your home and/or room.

Talent Show or Show & Tell
Items Needed: Phone, tablet or computer and Zoom or Google Hangouts + your special talent!

Host a talent show for sisters to show off their unique skills. Or host a show & tell (#TBT to Kindergarten), set a timer for one minute and tell participants to “find something within arms reach that is meaningful to them.”

Google Forms
Items Needed: Google Account and a phone, tablet or computer + your huge hearts!

Set up an anonymous Google Form as a wellness check to allow sisters to fill it out and share how they’re feeling. The form would go to VPCD (or another designated officer) so they can check in / support confidentially.

Use a Google Doc as a way to compile a list of senior superlatives to surprise the graduating seniors with. Designate one officer to create the doc and make a list of all the seniors. Share the doc with the members (who are not graduating seniors) and let them go into the doc and add notes under each senior’s name. Then share with the seniors as a send off surprise!

Virtual Event
Items Needed: Phone, tablet or computer and Zoom or Google Hangouts

Plan a fun event for the chapter to attend! This is obviously optional during this time, but don’t broadcast that it’s optional – really encourage members to set aside some time for fun and sisterhood with a save the date.

  • Some virtual event ideas: virtual karaoke, virtual dance party, virtual Red Rose Ball or formal in dresses 

Sisterhood Icebreaker Activities

Encouragement with Adjectives
Items Needed: Paper, pens

Everybody writes their name on a piece of paper. Pass the paper to the left and write an adjective to match the letters of the sister’s name. Keep passing and writing adjectives until sisters get their own back. This works great for those who need a pick me up. (ex. Haley- Humility, Assertive, Loving, Enthusiastic, Youthful)

Make It Virtual: Create a Google Doc with everyone’s name and share it with the group. Each sister will add adjectives under the sister’s name!

“You Inspire Me”
Items Needed: Paper, pens

Everybody writes their name on a piece of paper. Place the paper on tables with pens. Go around to different sister’s papers and write how they inspire you. You never would have known what makes you unique without asking. ​

Make It Virtual: Create a Google Doc with everyone’s name and share it with the group. Each sister will add what inspires them under the sister’s name!

Notes of Encouragement – “I love my sister because…”
Items Needed: Brown paper lunch bags, paper, pens, markers

Get brown paper lunch bags and write the names of each sister on the bag. Have each sister write a note to each sister and place the note in the bag for the sister. Take the bag with your name on it and read the notes as needed when you need a pick me up.

Make It Virtual: Create a Google Doc with everyone’s name and share it with the group. Each sister will add a note of encouragement under the sister’s name!

Traveling Heart Journal
Items Needed: Journal, pens

The President would start. She would write a letter to the chapter as the first page and then she would write a letter to another member in the chapter. The following chapter meeting, it would be passed to the member that she wrote about and then they would write to someone. This would continue at each chapter meeting.

Make It Virtual: Create a Google Doc Journal. The President would write a letter to the chapter and then pass it off to the next sister and so forth, so on.

Roses / Compliment Jar
Items Needed: Jar, paper, pens

Either by raising of hands or anonymous compliments on a piece of paper that is read at the end of chapter.

Make It Virtual: Create a Google Form for members to submit Roses or Compliments before Sheet Meeting or Virtual Chapter Meeting and then add the announcement to Sheet Meeting or read out loud during Virtual Chapter Meeting.

Bad Day Book
Items Needed: Scrapbook, scrapbook paper, décor crafts, glue, scissors (or you can just have each person fill out a piece of paper that you create a template for and put in a notebook)

Every member makes their own scrapbook page that represents them. They write down their favorite things i.e. color, animal, food, drink, candy, store, etc. and put it into a chapter scrapbook. If someone is having a bad day or tough week, you can refer to the book to find out what they may like to brighten their day.

Make It Virtual: Have each member create a virtual scrapbook page online or create a physical page on their own to bring to chapter when things resume.

Ritual Dress Hangers
Items Needed: Wooden hangers, any craft items you’d like to decorate with – paint, sharpies, paint pens, ribbon, sequins, roses, etc.

Get wooden hangers and decorate them with AOII colors (or whatever your hair wishes) and use it to hang your ritual dress. This is a sisterhood activity that will remind sisters how unique and sacred our ritual truly is.

Make It Virtual: Do this craft together via Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Items Needed: Cardboard box, paper, pens

Each sister writes down the LEAST known fact about herself on a slip of paper and puts it into the sisterhood box. A sister draws slips out of the box, reads the fact, and everyone tries to guess who it is. The discussions and guessing is entertaining and allows us to get to know our sisters better.

Make It Virtual: Have sisters submit a fact about themselves to one officer prior to a meeting or event and then read the facts out loud on a virtual event or meeting and have sisters guess.

Fabulous Sisters
Items Needed: Your beautiful sisters!

Each sister must pair up with another member that she doesn’t know super well. They have 10-15 minutes to chat. Everyone then gathers together and each sister shares 3 fabulous facts about the sister she was partnered with. “The 3 most fabulous facts about _____ are _______.” All the sisters get to know each other better.

Make It Virtual: Break out into smaller groups on Zoom or Google Hangouts.

My Chapter Journey
Items Needed: Graph paper (or draw on regular paper), pens

Pass out graph paper to each sister. Instruct each sister to chart their personal journey through AOII including all ups and downs. Share with the chapter how they felt at different times along their AOII journey. What does AOII mean to them? How would college have been different without your AOII sisters? Why did you choose AOII and why did you stay? Through the highs and lows, you had a constant support system. Nothing is perfect and this time of life can be hard, but at the end of the day we always respect each other and share love for one another.

Make It Virtual: Share your journey virtually on a meeting!

I am Awesome Because
Items Needed: Your beautiful sisters!

Great practice for recruitment and professional development plus helps you learn about your sisters. Pair sisters up and set a timer for 2-3 minutes (or longer if you’d like). Have one member go first and they have to fill the time explaining why they are awesome. This could be for any reason! How they do in school, how they help others, what they’ve done in AOII, etc. They are not allowed to stop and if they reach a lull in the conversation, their partner can only say, “keep telling me how awesome you are.” Continue to encourage each other! It can be difficult to talk about yourself that long, but is a great skill in reminding ourselves of our positive qualities and impact we make and instill confidence in ourselves.

Make It Virtual: Break out into smaller groups on Zoom or Google Hangouts.

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