Your Greatest Experience May Be Yet to Come

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By Sarah Elliott, Delta Omega (Murray State U), Rituals, Traditions and Jewelry Committee

I know a lot of members feel their time with AOII ends when they become an alumna, but I want you to know that it does not end there. Becoming an alumna is just the beginning of your AOII journey, if you take advantage of it. Our Founders intended for us to be members for a lifetime and to live out the values they laid out for us. They wanted us to continually work to make our sisterhood strong. Having felt the importance of this, I wanted to help others have an amazing experience like I have had in AOII. I felt led to volunteer.

From 2005 until now, I have served in the roles of Philanthropy Advisor, Chapter Adviser, Network Specialist of Development, and currently as a member of RT&J. What I have found amazing through each of these roles, is how our Ritual, which has never changed in 127 years, is still relevant and able to guide me in my AOII and life experiences. Our Ritual creates an instant bond with every sister I meet, and I always try to use it as a guide in whatever position I hold. My time as a volunteer has allowed me to meet so many outstanding women in our fraternity. I love to see how each person makes our Ritual personal to them and uses it to guide their own lives. I have seen our Ritual shine through these women in so many ways and I have learned from them.

Some of my greatest friendships are with sisters I have met as an alumna. Not only have I used Marco Polo every day for almost four years with my AOII college roommates, but also with a very close group of friends who are also AOII volunteers. There are five of us, from different chapters and in different volunteer roles. They have been there for me in the best and worst of times. Now, in RT&J, I have gained more close friendships within another amazing group. If I had not stayed involved with AOII, I never would have met these women. The blessing of AOII is that you will find sisters to connect with and be supported by for the rest of your life.

AOII is for a lifetime, our sisterhood will always be here for you. As you transition from a collegiate to an alumnae member, I hope you will stay involved or consider volunteering one day. The connections you are making and the experiences you are having now can inspire you to stay involved in the future. I do not know where I would be without AOII and the friendships, values, love and encouragement it has provided, a big part of that being from my alumnae years. I hope I can give back at least a little of what AOII has given to me.

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