NPC Provisions Expiring At The End Of The Academic Year

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This time last year the National Panhellenic Conference Council of Delegates voted to amend UA VI: College Panhellenic Association Agreement, Section 1-E, to allow College Panhellenic Associations to conduct business outside the regular academic year. The proviso has not been extended so no College Panhellenic Association shall conduct business outside the regular academic year or primary recruitment if held outside the regular academic term.

Additionally, the proviso for the Options in Determining Total POLICY will also expire at the end of this academic year. Therefore, the policy will revert back to the policy of October of 2020 which states College Panhellenics can use one of the following methods to determine total:

  1. Average or median chapter size (whichever is larger)
  2. Midpoint between median and largest chapter size (the third quartile)
  3. Largest chapter size (recommended for College Panhellenics with five or fewer chapters)
  4. Largest chapter size plus 5-15 women

NPC Policies Remaining

As a reminder the Promotion of the Sorority Experience POLICY will remain in effect. This policy states:

All sorority women including collegians, alumnae, College Panhellenics, Alumnae Panhellenics, inter/ national organizations and the National Panhellenic Conference should actively promote the overall sorority experience and membership opportunities in organizations. This should be done through all forms of communication (e.g., print, digital, in person) in the spirit of Panhellenic unity and desire to reach out to all women to share the opportunity for sorority membership. College and Alumnae Panhellenic rules should not infringe on the rights of individuals, chapters and/or organizations in the content or forms of communication to promote the sorority experience.

Additional information regarding these policies can be found in the NPC Manual of Information our you may reach out to your network’s Panhellenic Liaison.

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