A Resource For Credible Information About The Sorority Experience

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NPC has launched the newly refreshed website and brand. With the refresh, is the go-to resource for credible information about the sorority experience for potential members, their family and friends and even current members. We hope you will visit the site and share it with women you know who may be interested in learning more about the sorority experience.

About the Site

The new creates a strong foundation for sharing information about the sorority experience and the site will continue to grow as content is developed. We will regularly feature sorority women, details on “how sororities work” and even articles addressing some of the most important topics for college-bound women today. allows potential members and their families to learn about the authentic sorority experience which, in turn, can increase the number of women signing up for recruitment and joining our organizations.

Designed with the intent of being mobile first, strives to connect with potential new members where they spend the most time online – on their phone.

We also have updated social media accounts. Please follow for even more content about the sorority experience: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.

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