The History Of AOII Properties

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AOII’s first Properties Board. From left to right: Carole Jones, Jane Tessmer, Sky Ruhlman, Shirley Knipfel, Mary Converse, Nancy Garrett, Joanne Earls, Mary Anne Monast

At Leadership Institute 2018 in June, AOII Properties had the opportunity to lead a session that centered on getting “Back to Basics”. During our session, we were able to discuss the history of AOII Properties. It has taken many years and a lot of hard work by countless staff, volunteers and members to get AOII Properties to where it is today. We believe it is important for our members to understand how AOII Properties was formed.


  • Council votes to allow formation of AOII Properties at Convention
  • AOII Properties is a subsidiary of the Fraternity
  • The purpose was to ensure that all AOII properties were competitive on campus, safe for collegians, properly maintained and financially secure
  • The new corporation would manage the existing AOII owned and leased properties and assist local AOII Corporations in financial and property management
  • The Board was made up of the President, Director of Administration, Director of Finance, Director of Properties (x2), and the International President and Vice President of Finance of the Fraternity
    • Carol Jones, International President
    • Jane Tessmer, Director of Property
    • Sky Ruhlman, Director of Property
    • Shirley Knipfel, President
    • Mary Converse, Director of Finance
    • Nancy Garrett, Director of Administration
    • Joanne Earls, International Vice President- Finance
    • Three Ex-Officio Members on staff who do not have a vote, but worked closely with the board
      • Melanie Doyle, Executive Director
      • Beth Swartz, Controller
      • Mary Anne Monast, Property Manager
  • Like today, the Executive Board appointed the first Properties Board


  • AOII Properties is officially chartered.
  • It took several years to fully establish the board, create guidelines, set standards, and determine what the board would be responsible for
  • Corporations with with AOII owned/leased facilities are brought in


  • AOII began transfer of all local corporations to AOII Corporations
    • This included chapters with suites, chapter rooms and those without physical properties
  • Convention 2009 laid the groundwork for this transition

2009 – 2014

  • Corporation Services within HQ becomes Member Finance
  • Corporation Relations Managers worked to transition all chapters into AOII Properties

2014 – 2016

  • Member Finance at HQ becomes AOII Properties
  • Corporation Relations Manager becomes Assistant Director of Properties
  • Hit end target date to bring in corporations

2016 – Today

  • AOII Properties works to upholds the same initial purpose: to provide safe, competitive facilities for our chapters
  • Today, we have expanded to assisting all chapters with their property related items
  • Our current staff and board members strive to create the best possible experience for all members
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