Your Chapter Has New Members… Now What?

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by Karen Hickman Theta (DePauw U), Rituals, Traditions, and Jewelry Committee

Congratulations on your recruitment! You have well-chosen members that make up your current new member class. Everybody is excited for …?  Now what?! How about continuing recruitment beyond Bid Day? Fostering a spirit of Fraternity and love for all your new members? Being a cheerleader for all new members?

Celebrate a new member for the person she is. What characteristics made you think this woman would be a good AOII? What quality about this new member most intrigues you? Dig deeper, and discover more about this already amazing woman who will become your sister in just a few short weeks.

During the weeks following recruitment, tell this new member how you admire her contributions to the chapter—her enthusiasm, involvement and sense of responsibility, perhaps. While we may think highly of others’ actions, how often do we actually compliment our sisters? We are a fraternity that encourages our members to carry themselves with confidence and, therefore, we all have the responsibility to always encourage our sisters.

Have you had a study date with a new member? Academic achievement is the primary reason behind higher education. What new member have you noticed in your classes? Who has the same major as you? These commonalities are the start of a mutually beneficial relationship and stronger sisterhood. Have you celebrated an outstanding grade the new member received on a test or assignment? Sounds like a great occasion for cupcakes.

What fun events are coming up on campus or in the surrounding neighborhood? Serving meals at a shelter, attending a sporting event or simply enjoying a movie in the park are times well spent with new members. Are you involved with a university organization outside of AOII? Invite a new member along as a way to show her what’s out there and encourage her campus involvement beyond AOII. As initiated members, we all have responsibilities to inspire new members to go into the world around us and carry out our mission of Alpha Omicron Pi.

Do these suggestions sound familiar? Character. Dignity. Scholarship. College loyalty. Those are components of your living our AOII Ritual on a daily basis. You’re modeling the values set forth by the Fraternity to which you have committed. You’re sharing them with new members even before they realize that’s what you’re doing. The best part: you’re leading by example and inspiring ambition in the next AOII generation.

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