Giving Thanks For Our AOII Blessings

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by Kay Elam, Sigma Delta (Huntingdon College) Rituals, Traditions, and Jewelry Committee

Our sisters in Canada celebrated their Thanksgiving on October 11, while the United States will celebrate ours on November 25. I love that our countries take a day each year for their citizens to give thanks and reflect upon those things for which we are grateful.

I posed the question Why are you thankful for AOII and for our Ritual that guides us to some AOII Past International Presidents (PIPs). Here’s what they said:

Ginger Banks (International President (IP, 1981-1985)

“As an AOII New Member I knew Ritual was for initiations, but I never dreamed it would provide roadmaps for life. And that Ritual and AOII experiences would guide my career. And that my dearest friends would be AOIIs. Throughout my life our Ritual and Fraternity have been gifts that never have stopped giving.”

Ann Gilchrist (IP, 1995-1997)

“I would say the friendships made over the years and generations.  There is a peace that comes when in a gathering of sisters, sharing the Ritual we all know and love.”

Linda Collier (IP, 1997-1999)

“I am thankful for all the wonderful people who have come into my life through AOII.  I am thankful for all the guiding principles that are in our Ritual that teach us and remind us how we should live our best life and value those friendships.”

Carole Jones (IP, 1999-2003)

“I am thankful that AOII is an innovative and nimble organization, which is evident in how our talented volunteers and staff carefully and thoughtfully assessed how to support our members through a year of uncertainty. As I reflect on our Ritual, I am thankful for the friendships I have made, the experiences and lessons that have helped shape who I am, the leadership skills I have developed and the mentors who have guided me.”

Sally Wagaman (IP, 2003-2005)

“I am thankful for AOII and for our Ritual that guides us because my best friends are AOII’s and part of what makes our friendship so strong is our shared values as expressed in our Ritual.”

Allison Allgier (IP, 2011-2015)

“I am grateful our Founders based AOII on the foundation that we are to be useful to the world around us. The values they provided as a basis for our organization are in complete alignment with my faith and how I try to live each day in service to others.”

Personally, I’m thankful for our thirteen Past International Presidents: Joan, Ginger, Peg, Barb H., Mary, Ann, Linda, Carole, Sally, Susan, Barb Z., Allison, and Gayle. It blows my mind that I actually know these remarkable women who have led and shaped the Fraternity into the amazing organization it is today. They are AOII’s PIPs, our PIPs, but they are also sisters upon whom I’d have no fear to call.

Think of the sisters who have made a difference in your life, those for whom you are thankful. Take some time this holiday season and tell them the impact they’ve had upon you.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sisters.

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