Living With Purpose

in RT&J

by Cindy Tooley, Alpha Chi (Western Kentucky University), Rituals, Traditions, and Jewelry Committee

Spring is a season of renewal. Our world around us has awakened from its winter slumber and is emerging with new color and promise. We are still living in a Pandemic, but maybe–just maybe–we are finally emerging too! We are venturing out more and returning to a more normal life. If you are like me, I missed the activities that filled my days and, as these activities are returning, I’m also missing the free time I had come to appreciate. I’m realizing the need to be purposeful in how I choose to spend my time. Otherwise, time marches on and I don’t do the things in life that truly matter the most.

Spring is also a season of change for collegiate chapters. Our seniors are transitioning to alumnae status and moving on to begin their career journey. For most of us, college is where our fondest AOII memories were created. We were told AOII is for a lifetime, but what does this really mean and how do you stay connected to AOII after college?

Moving to a new city or looking to make new friends? AOII and your sisters are there for you! I’m proud to say I’ve joined an AOII Alumnae chapter in every city I’ve lived since my college years. I’ve met many new sisters who have become some of my closest friends and confidants. I’ve enjoyed countless sisterhood activities and created many new AOII memories!

One of the four ideals on which our Fraternity was founded is College Loyalty. Members of AOII are called to not only serve their chapter and the Fraternity as a whole, but also to be of service to their communities and universities. Our collegiate and alumnae chapters need us to thrive and there are many opportunities, both big and small, to serve as volunteers and give back to an organization that has given us so much.

As an alumna, our AOII interactions and experiences can look very different based on where we are in the seasons of life. I know mine have certainly looked different over the years. What I have learned is AOII will always be there and will meet me to be a part of my life with whatever time I have to give. I’ve learned the more purposeful I am with my time, the more I can give, and the more rewarding the experience is for me personally.

It isn’t just about giving of yourself, think of your service and volunteer time as a win-win. What do you need from the experience as well? Maybe you are early in your career and seeking leadership opportunities or maybe it’s the social interactions you are seeking. What talents do you have to share? Whatever the answer, AOII is there to meet you and provide opportunities to serve and grow personally.

Seasons change. What change can you create in your life and the lives of others? Whatever it is, do it with purpose! You’ll be glad you did. I promise!

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