Policy Governance Corner: Executive Board Committees

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by Koren Phillips, Phi Chi (U of Chicago), International Vice President

Koren Phillips, 2019-2021 International Vice President

Although one of the key tenets of Policy Governance is that the Executive Board (XB) speaks with a single voice, our committee structure is a key way to help the XB do its job. As part of the XB’s efforts to provide continuing education to our members regarding policy governance, we are providing a brief overview of our committees and their associated work. You’ll note that we are providing references to various policies within our Policy Manual, available in Fulfilling the Promise, should you desire additional reading.

We use our committees, as outlined in our policy set (GP-7), to reinforce the wholeness of the Board’s job, not to make decisions in silos. These committees enhance our effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling our responsibilities. There are three defined XB Committees: Finance & Audit, Membership Connection, and Governance & Board Development. Over the course of this year, we will provide a deeper dive on the work of each of our committees as part of our ongoing educational efforts.

Finance & Audit Committee (GP-7.1)
Chair: Susan Bonifield
Members: Crystal Combs, Lisa Niedenthal, Koren Phillips

  • The Finance & Audit Committee enhances the Board’s effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling its external and direct inspection monitoring responsibilities of fiscal policy. This committee is charged with the oversight and development of a transparent process of review and disclosure that enhances member and stakeholder confidence in the organization’s financial reporting. This committee considers financial policies, industry benchmarks, developments in accounting principles and relevant regulatory policies, and reports on the findings of the external auditor to the entire board. In addition, this committee is charged with the oversight of a defined process of review and feedback on the performance of the Executive Director.

Membership Connection Committee (GP-7.2)
Chair: Koren Phillips
Members: Jaynellen Behre Jenkins, Lee Gray, Jessie Wang-Grimm

  • The Membership Connection Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities regarding connection with our members. This committee develops, presents, and assesses an annual plan for connecting with our members to gather input to help the XB develop Ends moving forward. This feedback is principally gathered to write policies and to understand the member perspective to do the XB’s job well.

Governance & Board Development Committee (GP-7.3)
Chair: Jessie Wang-Grimm
Members: Jaynellen Behre Jenkins, Ashley Dumat, Gayle Fitzpatrick

  • The Governance & Board Development Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to govern with excellence. They develop and execute a plan that provides a thorough new board member orientation plan, a board development plan for education and other activities, ongoing XB self-evaluation (including assessment of our governance process), and a periodic review of the Governing Documents of Alpha Omicron Pi.
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