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Kali Bliss is a yoga diva and entrepreneur who loves inspiring people through the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. She loves working with women, and helping them feel more confident, secure and radiant within themselves. Kali studied business marketing at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo (SLO) and minored in graphic communications and photography. She was an active member of the Chi Psi Chapter. Kali loves infusing her creativity and enthusiasm in all she does, and enjoys motivating people to cultivate more peace, love, kindness and joy daily.

Kali constantly battled with health problems and digestive issues growing up. When Kali found yoga, her life changed forever, and she was instantly intrigued in the science and practice of yoga. Kali took her first yoga class in SLO at the Bikram studio downtown, for a sorority event. The heat, stillness and silence, captivated Kali and gave her a new remedy to help her feel good. While playing club lacrosse and being an active sorority member, yoga helped Kali de-stress and cultivate peace while in college. When she moved back to San Diego she found yoga to be a great outlet while working at an ad agency. She quickly found other studios and became hooked on yoga and immersed herself in the community.

Kali has been working for CorePower Yoga since 2012, and has taught a variety of classes, coached programs and used to lead their Wellness Program. She is trained in Ayurveda and psychology and has a wealth of knowledge through her own life experience. Kali has found meditation and yoga practices to be incredibly beneficial for health and well being. She knows that yoga, breath work and self-care can really help people overcome emotional issues, anxieties, addictions, mental disorders and more. Her yoga classes are fun, energizing, inspirational, and include breath work, movement and a good playlist.

Kali enjoys helping others naturally heal their body and improve their digestion with breath, balance and ease. Through her own healing, Kali has learned a lot about the mind, body and yoga philosophy. She loves helping people move through stuck emotions, and limited beliefs, and teaches others how to feel good daily. She coaches and helps people self-heal, self-love, and inspires others to cultivate more self-care. Kali currently lives in San Diego, and enjoys dabbling in astrology, writing, shooting photos, traveling, wine tasting, waterskiing and playing by the ocean.

Kali believes yoga and meditation can change everyone’s lives, and help people live in a more loving mindset. She loves empowering others to create balance in their life, and shares her positivity and passions, to support others in pursing their life’s calling, and assisting people in living happily, with purpose. Kali can support you in finding more joy, and tapping into your bliss and best, most beautiful and authentic state. She encourages people to live their best life now. With a little love, support and yoga exercises, everyone has the ability to create a happy life. When we escape the mind, and learn to settle into the heart, many buried treasures, and new possibilities can be found. Kali wants to help others live well, with happiness, joy, peace, ease and most of all, love.

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