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Kate Donahue is a Registered Dietitian with a major sweet tooth and a passion for delicious and nutritious food. She claims to be the pickiest eater in the world and is constantly on the lookout for new recipes that not only taste great, but also pack a powerful punch of nutrients to support an active and busy lifestyle. Kate believes in the power of a balanced diet and the mind, body, and spiritual connection needed to promote overall health and wellness.

Kate’s journey into the healthcare field was inspired by her marvelous parents. She attended The Ohio State University and graduated in 2015 with a degree in medical dietetics. Following graduation, Kate served as an AOII Educational Leadership Consultant during the fall 2015 semester and joined the full-time staff at AOII International Headquarters in January 2016 as an Assistant Director of Collegiate Experience for Network 7. During her time on AOII staff, she loved using her dietetic background to support sisters in their commitment to health. Currently, Kate has the privilege to work for Abbott Nutrition, an innovative leader in the realm of pediatric nutrition, where she has the opportunity to promote proper nourishment during the earliest stages of life in even some of the most fragile infant populations.

Through her education and personal life experiences, Kate has learned many important lessons about making nutrition a priority – and how to do so in a healthy and sustainable way. She will be the first to admit that “knowing better” does not always translate to making “doing better” any easier. When asked her favorite food, she will not hesitate to tell you that she would love to (and might from time to time) eat pasta for every meal. She also has a general distaste for raw vegetables. So, what is there to learn from a dietitian who hates salad?

Know that nutrition is not a “one size fits all” matter. You absolutely have to find what works best for you as an individual. Do not be afraid to explore different options to find your best path to nourishment. Some people will flourish on the ketogenic diet, others who are predisposed to gaining weight from fatty food will likely not see the same results – and that is okay! Try new foods more than once, and in more than one recipe or method preparation, before you discount it entirely. Use the wide market of tools available in this day and age – read books, listen to podcasts, download helpful apps. Also, seek the advice of a healthcare professional who understands your personal history and can work with you to identify and achieve your goals. Stay informed, not only about nutrition trends, but more importantly, to what your body is telling you.

True wellness occurs when you feel your best with body, brain, and spirit. It is often much easier to make healthy choices when our lives feel in order. However, when the balance tips even just a little bit, we can lose our focus and get off track. When this happens, brush yourself off and try again. When making the decision to focus on achieving a healthier lifestyle, be sure to reflect on all aspects of your mental, physical and emotional health. Practice self-care from head to toe, inside to outside, in order to make the most productive and positive changes that will leave you feeling your absolute best. When it comes to making healthy choices, remember that there is a difference between a “diet” and a “lifestyle change” – and that difference is sustainability. Taking one step a time and working to reach one small goal then another will not only bring you a sense of accomplishment, but with all help you maintain healthier habits over time.

Overall, take time to care for yourself and to listen to what your emotions and your body are telling you. Enjoy the journey of trying new foods and fitness trends until you find what suits you best. Play with the scales until you find your balance. And go ahead, enjoy that piece of dark chocolate or that glass of red wine on occasion – Kate certainly does.

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