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Sarah Bridgeman obtained her Master’s degree from Western Kentucky University in healthcare administration. She currently works in the healthcare industry and as a consultant with Beautycounter, a social mission-based company committed to getting safer products into the hands of everyone.

Growing up, and throughout her entire life, she has always loved everything about health and wellness. In college she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and had no idea what that even meant. She was lost, almost hopeless at first. After doing some extensive research and finding what works in her diet, she has been able to control her Ulcerative Colitis. She took matters into her own hands, eating healthy and eventually coming to the realization that wellness is an active process of becoming aware and making healthy choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Sarah’s diagnosis is what has shaped her definition and understanding of a life well lived.

Wellness is…

  • The things you think about
  • The way you spend your time
  • The way you move your body
  • Your food and drink choices
  • Your skincare and makeup choices
  • The cleaners you use

She is passionate about healthy living for so many reasons, but mostly for the way it makes her feel. To her, food is medicine, and by making choices that fuel and nourish, you are in turn healing your body. She believes in balance – making the best choices with the options available. She believes in striving for progress, not perfection. And most importantly, she believes in sharing all things good for the mind+body+soul.

A few things Sarah wants to leave her sisters with…

“I would encourage you, wherever you are in your health journey to get your mind right and make a decision to make yourself your number one priority. Show up for yourself. Be kind to everyone, wear sunscreen every single day, drink a ton of water, and give yourself some grace, surround yourself with positive and uplifting people, and don’t care what other people think.”

Check out Sarah’s wellness page on Facebook, Well+Balanced with Sarah Bridgeman or follow her on Instagram, SarahBridgeman for tips on healthy living, good vibes, favorite products, foods, recipes, etc.! Website coming soon!

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