CIRC Request For 2019 Constitution And Bylaw Amendments

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To:  All Members of Council and International Standing Committees

Each biennium when members of Council meet in Convention, delegates have the opportunity to consider and vote on amendments to the Fraternity’s Constitution and Bylaws. The Constitution Interpretation and Revision Committee (“CIRC”) asks that you, as officers and members of the Fraternity, review the Constitution and Bylaws as presented to you in The Governing Documents of Alpha Omicron Pi. This document may be found on the Fulfilling the Promise website in the Operations tab of the Officer Resource Library. The document also contains the Standing Rules and Book of Policies as established by the Fraternity’s Executive Board.

Any proposed revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws that you wish to be considered at Convention next year must be submitted to and received by CIRC no later than October 30, 2018. Pursuant to Title IV, Article II of the Bylaws, proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws may be submitted by:

  • The Fraternity Executive Board
  • Any officer or committee if the amendment relates to that office or committee
  • Any five members of Council acting jointly (see Article VI of the Constitution for Council composition)

Proposed amendments should be submitted to CIRC via e-mail at

Please note that you do not need to submit the actual proposed amendment. Rather, you can simply raise the problem and describe the solution you propose. CIRC will work with you to achieve the proper form and wording for the amendment.

The October 30th deadline is important as CIRC must have time to draft, review, and edit proposals, and transmit them to the Executive Board for its position statement. We look forward to your participation and to receiving your suggestions for the improvement of our governing documents. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us with questions.

The Constitution Interpretation and Revision Committee

Janet Brown, Chairman
Melissa Schoenfeld, Member
Mary Williams, Member
Gayle Fitzpatrick, Ex-Officio Member
Sally Wagaman, Ex-Officio Member

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