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Audrey Healey ELC

by Audrey Healey, Beta Phi (Indiana U), 2017-2018 Educational Leadership Consultant

Certain that I did not fit the criteria of an Educational Leadership Consultant, I was hesitant to apply. But thinking back on the times that AOII had previously guided me, I decided to submit an application. Six months later, I was selected to be a resident consultant at Arizona State University. This left me feeling thankful to have the consistency that my teammates would lack on the road, but nervous, as I was a complete stranger to Tempe, Arizona. What I would soon learn was that being a resident consultant would bless me with the ultimate job trio: a recruiter, a teacher and a mentor, and it would prove to be one of the greatest experiences I’ve had.

AOII Arizona State U

First, I became a recruiter. Stepping foot onto campus, my role was to promote our fresh brand and establish the name and reputation of AOII. Meanwhile, my sisters held me accountable for upholding our values and recruiting accordingly. I quickly became a comfortable conversationalist, I learned the importance of representing something larger than myself, and I allowed myself to fearlessly trust others. Perhaps most importantly, I learned to spread the love of AOII and create a vision for women seeking the love AOII had to offer.

Nearly 80 sisters later, I became a teacher. After recruiting the hearts that naturally portrayed the values of AOII, I was tasked with transforming that vision into a reality and educating our members on how to become a successful collegiate chapter. With this, I gained the confidence to teach, but also the willingness to learn. I learned how to work with a multitude of experiences, ages and backgrounds and with that, the Lambda Psi Chapter quickly grew a special place in my heart.

Finally, once the members had all been initiated and the Lambda Psi Chapter was officially installed, I became a mentor. This aspect of the job allowed me to coach the new officers and inspire them to continue building a strong foundation for this new chapter. I was there to inspire the members in any way possible and remind the officers of their preexisting capabilities. This taught me the importance of encouragement and trusting others. It allowed me to witness these once strangers come together and build not only a sisterhood, but a strong foundation on which I am confident that chapter will continue to grow.

I can now confidently say that Tempe has become a home, and the sisters I’ve found here have become family. Looking back on this experience, I am filled with so much gratitude. Taking this leap of faith has allowed me to create meaningful relationships, help build a strong foundation for the Lambda Psi Chapter and watch dozens of women find in AOII what I continually discover. AOII has a way of seeing what you don’t see in yourself, and daring you to be that. I can’t wait to watch 74 of my newest sisters dare to allow AOII to change their lives the way it has changed mine.

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