International Governance Practices, Review & Education Task Force Update

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January 2018

The task force convened its first meeting in late September 2017, with its work being launched by Janet Brown, CIRC Chair. Co-chairs Barb Zipperian and Anne Wilmes provided information to the group including an overview of the resolution, key tasks, timelines and workflow structure.

The task force work in October and November included a background review of a variety of documents and information coming out of the 2017 Convention Business sessions. The group was divided into three smaller working groups so that the research could be more easily managed and digested. The subgroups cover the areas of Roles/Term Limits/Size, Board Operations, and Communication/Transparency. Each subgroup developed a list of resources needed and two surveys were drafted, one for organizational peers and the other for AOII members. Also, each task force member was provided a book to read over the holidays related to organizational governance.

Peer survey results have been received back and are being analyzed. The member survey is set to go out this month and the group expects that the next two months will be used for further study and research development. An April 15, 2018 deadline has been set for the group’s anticipated recommendations and report.

The International Governance Practices, Review, and Education Task Force looks forward to our continued work together on behalf of the Fraternity.

Kathy Culpepper, Chapter Advisor, Phi Gamma
Sarah Gondek, NS-D, Network 8
Jaynellen Behre Jenkins, Education Committee Member
Samantha MacKenzie, Standards Advisor, Pi Alpha
Kaelin Moore, NS-L, Network 5
Jackie Petrucci, Director of Collegiate Experience
Shala Sweet, NS-F, Network 8
Anne Wilmes, Co-Chair, Alumna at Large
Carrie Whittier, Alumna at Large
Barb Dunn Zipperian, Co-Chair, Past International President

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