Using Ritual On A Daily Basis

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AOII Gamma Chi Chapter

by Kay Elam, Sigma Delta (Huntingdon College) Rituals, Traditions, and Jewelry Committee

Ritual is so much more than the memorization of words and actions. It’s more than how we dress or how we set up a room or the equipment we use. The values expressed in our Rituals are guidelines for living–tools that can be useful to us every day. If we are alert, we can see and apply Ritual in many aspects of our lives.

As members of Alpha Omicron Pi, we usually hear our Ritual once a month or on special occasions. However, it is our obligation to reflect credit upon our Fraternity and make it proud to claim us all of the time, which means living Ritual every day.

How can we apply Ritual to our daily lives outside of formal Ritual?

  • Our behavior, more than anything else will attract quality new members and reflect credit upon the Fraternity. We must have high virtues and exercise discretion in the choices we make.
  • Share our successes without bragging or boasting.
  • Energetically support the values of our Ritual.
  • Smile and be positive. If we are approachable like a beacon of light in a lonely lighthouse, our light will shine brightly and draw people to us.
  • Show love and respect for peers and family, even when we don’t agree with them.
  • Help friends in need.
  • Remind friends of their special qualities.
  • Spend time with sisters we don’t know well.
  • Share our love and pride of our sisterhood with AOIIs and non-AOIIs.
  • Develop friendships with AOIIs from other chapters, both collegiate and alumnae.
  • Display kindness, tolerance, respect and patience towards others
  • Keep in confidence any secrets told us.
  • Be mindful of our social media presence.
  • Find our inner peace and promote our personal growth.
  • After graduation, join an alumnae chapter, support a collegiate chapter or apply for another volunteer position with the Fraternity.

If we look at the world through our Ritual, and see Ritual as a global opportunity, young women will want what we have. They will want to be a part of a sisterhood whose Ritual can be meaningful on a daily basis.

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