The Year Of Yes

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by Courtney Hart, Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U), 2017-2018 Educational Leadership Consultant

In February of 2017, when I accepted the job to become an Educational Leadership Consultant, I promised myself to live life to the fullest throughout the year and to look back with no regrets. I made myself a promise: to not hold back and enjoy this opportunity of a lifetime. I told myself, if I was going to embark on this journey, it would be the year of “YES!” And boy has this year not disappointed! Every ELC’s journey on the road is different, and we each take away our own special pieces and memories. I am lucky enough to have had my journey lead me to 26 beautifully unique sisterhoods within 18 states and one province.

Courtney Hart ELC

Although being on the road this past year and spending time away from my close family and friends has been difficult, I truly believe God has blessed me with this incredible opportunity. Throughout this journey, I have been able to spread my love and enthusiasm for AOII with each chapter I have visited, and I have not only impacted the lives of sisters across my country, but I have also been greatly impacted by them. There is no way to pick out just one favorite moment that I have experienced on the road, so I have instead chosen to share my top 10 favorite memories: memories that I made from my decision to say “Yes!”

  1. Experiencing a wonderful Founders’ Day celebration with the Beta Zeta sisterhood.
  2. Attending the “Georgia State of Mind” day with all the Georgia chapters.
  3. Participating in Initiation ceremonies with the Theta Sigma and Alpha Chi sisterhoods.
  4. Having the opportunity to attend Tau Delta’s sisterhood retreat.
  5. Candle lighting activity during the Lambda Epsilon new member retreat.
  6. Tau Mu teaching me all essential Zumba skills.
  7. Having the opportunity to experience my first fall with all the many Northeastern sisters.
  8. Photoshoots in a sunflower maze with Kappa Kappa.
  9. The sisters of Alpha Nu for allowing me to experience hopping on a train to the “city” in New York.
  10. Experiencing Miami culture and fast talking sisters of the Pi Theta chapter.

These are just a few of the memories I have had during my journey as an Educational Leadership Consultant.

Courtney Hart ELC

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I can give to the Cycle 9 ELC team is to always say “YES” and to enjoy every single opportunity that the chapters offer you. It can be anything from site seeing or enjoying sisterhood events. Each experience will add to your AOII story in such a unique way.

The past year has been the best year of my life and I am so very grateful for every single experience and area of growth that I have had the opportunity to have. As this part of my AOII story as an ELC comes to a close, I truly cannot wait to see what the next chapter will include!

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