You Are Never Alone

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by Kirsten Kron, Sigma Alpha (West Virginia U), 2019-2020 Educational Leadership Consultant 

Sis, I feel your frustration! Whether you’re a senior collegiate woman, a freshman who was just getting started on all the BIG plans you had for your first officer position, or one of my other nine ELC teammates who had their first post-grad job cut short… I am sorry! It doesn’t feel fair that the plans we all anticipated for months now are cancelled or postponed. This crisis is bigger than you or I. It is impacting every single member of Alpha Omicron Pi; collegiate members, alumnae, staff members, volunteers… no one is alone in having to process and move forward through this time of uncertainty.

Historical To Dragma Issues

Our sisterhood has been through difficult times before and our sisters always prevail through the ever changing events in the world. I had the unique opportunity at Omega (Miami U) to sit in their chapter suite this past fall and go through dozens of To Dragma’s released as early as the 1920’s through the 1970’s. AOII has adapted to the world around it for 123 years. This evolution has been recorded throughout To Dragma by various authors to connect women across America and Canada through written word. These publications guided members through changing times; whether it be an ongoing international conflict, financial crisis, or major social changes in North America. Today, in 2020, we are doing the same but with the added help of the internet and our laptop screens.

Whether you’re permanently in your pajamas, a t-shirt and leggings, or have managed to put on jeans (you go, sis!) you have an opportunity to remain connected to your AOII sisters who are in need of social connection at a distance, and you have a responsibility to maintain your chapter’s development.

You’re not alone in needing to brainstorm ways of how to maintain chapter operations! The Fraternity has published virtual engagement ideas and many chapters have taken to social media to highlight ways they are adjusting to social distancing. This is a great time to follow other AOII chapter accounts to see how sisters are adapting to our new normal. Beta Nu (Illinois State U) members, along with dozens of other chapters, have been posting photos of their busy LC/Chapter ZOOM or Google Hangout meetings to maintain a sense of normalcy. Maintaining a schedule is huge in this time of uncertainty so don’t stray away from the plans you already made for this semester. Host that watch party, maintain your study group sessions, make sure new members feel included in their virtual new member meetings, plan for the fall semester and develop social media shoutouts and interactions!

This is the time to come together as AOII sisters by being intentional with our relationships rather than straying away from the Fraternity. These worldly issues are larger than you or I, but that never means you have to handle this alone. You are never alone!

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